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May 18, 2016
Utopa (Anime) add (All reviews)
It is in most senses your typical mediocre, 1-episode kids OVA, but I did think that it did well in 1 way: It really gives off a sense of the puniness of the story being told. The implied universe they're in is gigantic and foreign, and it doesn't stop to explain anything to them or the viewer. In a sense, the characters are as brand new to the universe as the viewer is.

In the end it shows a completely new environment from the rest of the episode, and then a far off electrical storm, and offers absolutely no explanation. There was utterly no reason for read more
Jul 1, 2014
First of all, keep in mind that this was made exclusively for the Ghibli museum in Japan. It has never been officially released outside of the museum, and the film itself has never been solidly leaked online either. Your only way to watch it is to either go to the museum or watch one of the few camrip versions. The camrips are not pretty, but it's not like they will prevent you from getting any enjoyment out of it. With that said, it's time to review the film itself.

This is a short film that takes place after the events of My Neighbor Totoro. The younger read more
Jun 20, 2014
I watched Ping Pong the Animation as it aired, since the first episode. I almost dropped it after seeing the first episode, because of the art style. It's extremely unconventional, to a ridiculous degree. Technically I actually did drop it. However, the next week when I thought about it I decided to give it another shot, and that was when I realized that I really enjoyed it.

The character relationships are very modest and feel real. No single personality is similar in any way, not even amongst background characters. They also saw to it that each and every character was developed throughout the series.

In terms of read more
Jun 8, 2014
Writing this review because I have absolutely no idea what the other reviewers are talking about. The artwork was a nice alternative and indie style, the soundtrack was fairly good, the voice acting was on point, but the characters and plot are absolute garbage. The people who made it seem to absolutely not understand human emotions, which resulted in two absolutely garbage characters.Throughout the story they just use each other for sexual fulfillment. They are only together so that they can fuck, and they are only fucking because they're both lonely and empty beings. The only thing that would dictate that either of them cares read more