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Oct 30, 2011
The series is like a shonen ripoff from ouran, except it's more gay. Instead of a girl in reverse harem you get a girly guy in a 'reverse harem' yea.. guy being molested and supported by bunch of other guys. It started as a good gag but after 37 I'm starting to wonder if authors intended to make it fanservice for females and gay readers or did they just fuck up along the way.

There's bunch of shonen-ai like scenes, where main is being harassed by his pedo gay father or by a guy who thinks he's gay.. was funny in begining but now it's repeatable read more
Oct 28, 2011
Well I've given it a try because of the author and in spite of the supernatural theme, and it ended up being what i hoped for. Minami-ke/Kyou no Go no Ni kind of story with a bit different characters and setting. If you, like me enjoyed other works of the author and you're looking for something similiar then it's the series for you.

It's a good lighthearted & soothing slice of life with cute girls.
Apr 12, 2011
If you wonder if you should check this out it's better to wait till there's more episodes. Maybe it'll get better in further episodes. If you want some ecchi scenes you better wait for
BD's cause producers censored everything.

Otherwise - don't bother..

I'm basing it on the first episode but, to be honest i couldn't fun anything worth enjoying.

Series tries to be moe but fails.
It tries to be funny but it's clearly forced and fails.
Tries to be ecchi but producers censored every ecchi scene.

Story is forced, doesn't matter much in this genre however...
Art is medicore.. nothing special, nothing bad.
Sound - nothing worth mentioning.

Characters seem read more