Oct 30, 2011
ashton (All reviews)
The series is like a shonen ripoff from ouran, except it's more gay. Instead of a girl in reverse harem you get a girly guy in a 'reverse harem' yea.. guy being molested and supported by bunch of other guys. It started as a good gag but after 37 I'm starting to wonder if authors intended to make it fanservice for females and gay readers or did they just fuck up along the way.

There's bunch of shonen-ai like scenes, where main is being harassed by his pedo gay father or by a guy who thinks he's gay.. was funny in begining but now it's repeatable and boring.

All arcs are the same, main refuses to perfrom in kabuki as a girl, but ands up doing it anyway, saves some emotionally fucked up boy in with problems who after that turns out gay and starts following mc around in his gay harem.

Despite it being shonen manga i can only remember 2 female characters, first would be mc childhood friend, possible romantic plot, however only appears as some extra just for the sake of having a female in the series. Second would perverted lesbo like teacher that always wants to rape main character whenever he acts girly.

I'm not saying the idea was wrong, picking stuff up from shoujo series that are liked by both genders could give a bit of freshness in stagnant shonen manga genre, however someone somewhere fucked up and created a gay manga that's released in magazine for shonen boys.

It's easy read, series would prolly be good shoujo. It even had a potential to be good shonen. However as a shonen it's design faults make it only a bit above medicore.

To be honest I've read less gay series about cross dressers and hermaphrodites.