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Jan 23, 2012
Oboreru Knife is a good story shoujo manga. which drama is focused in a really realistic way, there are not too much dreamy pinky situations, that make the story very interesting and you don't feel it empty.

About the graphics, they have a unique style. The eyes are big but the mangaka maintains the shape of a real eye, and it makes a mature impression. Also, the mangaka don't use too mane shadows on the characters and if she use it, the shadows are represented by consecutives lines, but most of the times you see the characters in white and black, with only lines standing read more
Jan 18, 2012
King of thorn is a manga where fiction, mystery and the will to survive blend in a pefect way. Each character has a story that is too hard and painful remembering it and some of them do suspicious actions that makes others feel distrust and unsteadiness.

What I like the most is the story. Even though the essence of the story is not something new (There is a pandemic disease, everyone wants to survive, there are a lot of mysteries to solves and some characters die in the way), the fiction parts is really good and unique. Also, every character has a past they don't want read more
Jan 17, 2012
Basilisk is a manga that reveals honor, loyalty, cleverness and abilities of the ancient ninjas, with some awesome and unique power in each character. It has a fantastic story which shows love can overcome anything, but the path the couple have to follow is a bloody and hard way.

The first thing I like about Basilisk is story. It shows you an old Japan, where samurais and specially ninja still exist. Even if they had to serve to their lord, they have feelings and ulterior motives to keep in their sides and fight. The love of the msin characters maintains strong and pure, althought the read more
Jan 15, 2012
Buyuden (Manga) add (All reviews)
I have never felt atractted to any boxing theme mangas. However Buyuden was different. The story begins in a simple way (boy meet girl and later he follow the girl's doing beacause he likes her and admires her), but it catchs you with his graphics and the story development.

The first thing I like is the graphics, they are nice, a good example of shounen manga. What I like about the graphics is that not all the characters look like an Hercules, with muscles in every inch of their bodies. I know is obvious they're not like that because many of their characters are children. But read more
Jan 14, 2012
Ayakashi is one of this animes that it has original ideas like the ayakashi power, how the power wakes up and ayakashi idea was good, but the way the story develop was horrible, very bad.

There are some things I like about Ayakashi. One of them is the powers idea, it is kind of unique and the anime explains how they get the akayashi powers. The OP and ED are very gloomy but I like them and the sountracks are fine.

However, there a lots of things I don't like this anime. First thing is the graphics, they are too blurry and the animations are very poor read more
Jan 11, 2012
Well, first thing to say is that the chapters of Kara no Kyoukai don't follow a linear chronologic order, whether we are talking about the order of the chapters or the order of the chapter scenes. Sometimes, you need a lot of dedication and try to follow and understand what this anime is telling you, because there are a lot of philosophical things, but the main topic, the story, is very nomal and I think is like any other story.

Maybe, I'm going to say the same things: I like the graphics, the special effects, the soundtracks and many other things. Well, to tell you in read more
Jan 10, 2012
I really like many of the TYPE MOON series and one of them is Kara no Kyoukai. And this chapter is very interesting and fascinating.

First at all, I was delighted with the graphics. They are very cool, and well done. The animation is very clear, many scenes were dark but this just add more mystery and thrill, just what this anime is. There are many abstrac obscure scenes and in this time, you're not going to see many bloody scenes, however, routine scenes are intriguing, too. I like the character design but I think is kind of little cliche, both of the main characters read more
Jan 10, 2012
To be sincere, the main reason I feel atracted to a certain manga are the drawings. And this manga is one of them. The drawings are really good, the females characters are very cute and the male characters are really hot. It can look like a shoujo manga, but actually, it's shounen. The monsters are not terrifying, though.

The story is simple, but very very funny. Some characters are awfully innocent or practical or very excentric. They say comical things out of the blue and that make you laugh and some of their whims are very special too. You can't see a sad situation in this read more
Jan 10, 2012
I consider that Ayahatori Shoukanjou is a nice shoujo manga to read, which the drawing is kind of similar with Vampire knight.

Well, first thing I like about it is the drawing. It has a really nice drawing and you can see without a doubt is a shoujo manga just by looking the drawings. Even though the female characters have big eyes, the eyelashes aren't decorated too much and this kind of eyes are cute, too. However, as in many other shoujo manga, there are some very cute decorations on scenes (not to say awfully cute) like petals, flowers, and a lot of light spheres effects. read more
Jan 7, 2012
I strongly believe that Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is a great manga and one of the few manga which mix comedy and romance very well and avoids becoming dull and annoying.

Well, first, I'm delighted with the drawing of the author. The drawing is very nice and the characters are drawed very atractive and some of them cool and others, very cute. Even though is a shoujo, doesn't have that flashy and awfully cute, the characters don't have those annoying shiny eyes (Usually shoujo manga has them) and the females characters don't have those puppy dog eyes that I'm tired to see. The scenes of this manga read more