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May 14, 2024
Preliminary (17/23 eps)
Plot: (8/10)
Kid had lazy asf parents who sold him to a demon for money, turns out the demon is a goofy old man who wanted a grandchild thus he bought iruma (also some other reason that isn't revealed yet). The main plot revolves around the number 1 demon academy were the mc attends to and he has to make sure none finds out he is human otherwise he is going to get eaten.

Animation: (7/10)
Nothing bad but nothing breathtaking

Characters: (8/10)
Impossible there is character development (although minor) in a magic/school anime??? not only that but most of the cast is likeable? what is going on here?

Overall: (8/10)
Not ...
May 7, 2024
Plot: 8/10
Shut-In vampire becomes a general after asking for the throne (by accident?) and we see her painting the map and destroy herenemies with her overwelming strength and skills as a commander and not only that give her a blue haired waifu and she will destroy everyone, also we have yur- wait a second...

Animation: (8/10)

Characters: (10/10)
Our favourite female Napoleon is one of the best generals, novel writer and female protagonists with the best supporting cast consisted of an army of overpowered war enjoying simps, an overpowered lesbian secretary, a shy lesbian fangirl general and a pro map painter with a big dream of world conquest.

Overal:l ...
Apr 13, 2024
Preliminary (70/? chp)
Spoiler Warning for the few first chapters of the manwha

The plot of the manwha follows a criminal mastermind who found himself in the identity of the man that was supposed to be the new professor in the cereon academy who simingly died in a terrorist attack but due to cercomstances he has to pretend to be that man, at the start the protagonist thought it would be a good 2 years of rest and a good salary but he quickly discovers that the man he is impersonating was a part of a plot that takes place in this school, thats basically the summury of the ...
Apr 11, 2024
An anime with a lot of potential

Plot: 6/10
Mc was an ultra powerfull excorcist that got killed in his hunt for power after getting jumped by everybody so he got reincarnated in another world as a noble and his goal is to live a peacefull life but we all know if he had succeded there wouldn't be an anime, after some events he joins the academy, becomes friends with the hero and has to constantly protect her from demon and human assasins. I don't want to spoil anything else but the story showed a lot of promise and if it ever gets a season 2 you ...
Apr 3, 2024
Doom Breaker (Manga) add
Preliminary (101/? chp)
Plot: (7/10)
Its a regression manwha, the world ended due to a demon named tartarus but the mc was send back in time to prevent it and he goes around grabbing all the op items and getting the best companions in order to beat tartarus, btw its a rare case of explaining why he was send back in time its because the gods sended him back because it was enjoyable for the to watch him suffer

Art: (7/10)
manwha are nearly the same when it comes to art but doom breaker is a little different i dont consider this difference a positive one but its not bad

Characters: (7/10)
-Zephyr ...
Mar 25, 2024
Preliminary (13/? eps)
A breath of fresh air for the pokemon franchise

The plot follows a girl named liko and her friends that travel on an airship looking for answers on liko's pendance while they are also hunted by some weird villain group (team rocket's replacement).

The art style is a big improvement from the previous 2 pokemon shows and outside of comparing it to the other pokemon shows the animation is great

The characters are all very likeable, liko is a very decent protagonist and the rest of the cast is also likeable, it has friede, roy, dot, molie and a few others, the only character i dislike is nemo ...
Mar 23, 2024
Plot: (10/10)
Its the only anime were the slow pacing improves the story immensely, it helps expand the world, have more character interactions, explore magic more while slowly leading to frieren's goal (not going to spoil it). The flashbacks are all great, it shows frieren interacting with the party of heroes (usually relevant interactions with the plot of the episode).

Animation: (10/10)
its flawless

Characters: (10/10)
Frieren is has by far one of the greatest female casts in all of anime (this and kingdom are top 2), it has frieren who is a very good protagonist, fern a good side-kick (she is frieren's robin), the girls i forgot the names ...
Mar 13, 2024
"Oshi no Ko" (Manga) add
Preliminary (142/? chp)
Minor spoiler warning

Plot: (4/10)
Aqua was a doctor that was obsessed with a 16 year old idol, helped her give birth and after that got isekaied as her son after he was murdered by her stalker, some time after that she dies as well by the same stalker in front of him and now aqua wants revenge so he joins the entertainment industry (he became an actor). The 2-3 first arcs are great after that the last 1-2 arcs are mid at best the latest arc for example keeps on drugging out its been like 20+ chapters since they started preparing to make a movie

Art: (8/10)
great ...
Mar 4, 2024
Preliminary (157/? chp)
Minor spoiler warning

Plot 8/10
The mc was at a plane crash his parents died and everyone thought he died as well but he returned 10 years later to his family what was he doing before that? read the title, the first arc is about the mc taking care of his sisters bullies (who are the children of a politician with strong connection to local gangs and a very stupid mom, oh and he doesnt kill them) the only critic i have is that they give the mc too much backstory on the 10 years instead of leaving it more mysterious and there are many moments where ...
Feb 28, 2024
Ninja Kamui (Anime) add
Preliminary (3/13 eps)
Warning: this is anime original so there is a good chance it will fall off (currently writting on ep 3)

Plot: (5/10)
Revenge story with a very mid storyline on why things are happening there is some lore for the world the show takes place in but its not that great basically there are cooler looking cheap version of naruto's ninjas in this world but more evil/criminal and they are a secret organization

Animation: (9/10)
The animation is amazing leagues superior to the average anime

Characters: (5/10)
your average revenge driven mc and almost 0 side characters that we already know re not going to matter much to the plot

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