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Mar 27, 2020

Points: Story 7, Characters 5, Animations 9, Enjoyment 7

This anime is in my view interesting because it does not really adhere to any specific style or content. Even after watching it, I was not really certain what the main purpose of the anime was. The story resolves mostly around a young girl that plays an MMO with a friend. This Girl MC is a newbie and manages to Op pretty much anyone just by being strange and silly. This is the anime's most redeeming charm. If you like to watch a airheaded girl doing funny and cute things and just being op by doing so, read more
Mar 26, 2020
In my view this is a good manga, that centres around its main setting while maintaining a good amount of standart entertainment one would expect from a slife of life manga.

Its main points are: elegant and interesting edutainment of survival skills, realistic survival setting on an isolated island, multi-leveled progression, nice slow-paced slife of life content with a good balance of novel and standart situations.

Some of its weaknesses include: Lack of interesting overarching events, few character insights, character and interactions are simple and often stereotypical.

People that like slow-paced, peaceful slife-of-life mangas in an island setting will be happy with this one. Also people that are read more