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Jul 16, 2007
_|_ Yoroshiku _|_
hahah xD When you complete the series you\'ll understand the humour ^^
First of all let\'s go backwards in reviewing.
It\'s NOT a waste of your time to watch this title...really! Don\'t read stupid reviews, like mine. Just go there,buy the DVD set and start watching it!
Overall-> oustanding! why ? hehe, yosh! I\'ll explain...
I\'ve just completed the TV episodes and the enjoyment afterall is great. A superb comedy plotline -> not-ordinary guy(a former Gang member) who\'s teaching hard-time kids as their Homeroom Teacher. Well it\'s nothing special about the \'set\', but it\'s just perfect for comedy plotline. And when i say comedy read more
Jul 14, 2007
JUST a masterpiece ! A superb balance of everything! I don;t have the words to describe it! Everything is perfect - from the animation, through the marvellous soundtrack (a excellent work from Susumu HIRASAWA - Paranoia Agent, Paprika - just can\'t describe the emotional feeling from the music ) and finally to the magnificent story!
Yosh, let\'s cut the story into pieces -> everything is so simple , but PERFECT! 3 main charecters - Guts (The Black swordsman), Griffith and Casca. Guts is out to get the King of a country called Midland. Simple enough to be perfect, as i said. OUTSTANDING plotline and magnificent twists read more
Jul 13, 2007
I\'ve started to watch this anime with great expectations - from AMVs and recommendation from my friends. But afterall it was a bad choice...

The story goes well - every episode has his own plotline, but the major plot is hard to define. That\'s a point down... Once in a while the mini-plotlines where good enough, but overall they were decent.

The Art is almost great - the 3d mechas are well designed and its enjoyable to watch them next to the \'anime\'. But that\'s the only good thing - poor design for the rest. A bad taste for \'ecchi\' clothings too -> in read more
Jul 13, 2007
Ohayoo! This is my first anime and my english is bad , so excuse me for my \'lame\' writing...
I\'ll review this anime with the 6 elements available.

First comes the story: As we all know the set is from the PS2 game. The plotline its easy to understand and very enjoyable to watch closely, but it\'s nothing special afterall.

Art: Ok, here comes the great dilemma - the 3d is great integrated in the TV series, the character art is great, the landscape is very good, but i think something is missing. Maybe if there where more details i guess

The sound is average. Its pleasurable, i read more