Jul 14, 2007
altras (All reviews)
JUST a masterpiece ! A superb balance of everything! I don;t have the words to describe it! Everything is perfect - from the animation, through the marvellous soundtrack (a excellent work from Susumu HIRASAWA - Paranoia Agent, Paprika - just can\'t describe the emotional feeling from the music ) and finally to the magnificent story!
Yosh, let\'s cut the story into pieces -> everything is so simple , but PERFECT! 3 main charecters - Guts (The Black swordsman), Griffith and Casca. Guts is out to get the King of a country called Midland. Simple enough to be perfect, as i said. OUTSTANDING plotline and magnificent twists withing the plot itself!

The superb story is represented with a far more great animation. The art itself is just a masterpiece, nothing less ! The atmosphere is shady, black and full of depression! What else ? The animation is based on new sequences for every hack&slash or action move (not like the one pan-camera for the action scenes in other animes ). This gives a great opportunity for different camera angles -> that in the genius hands of Shichiro Kobayashi (Angel\'s egg), Tokuhiro MATSUBARA (Pokemon -hehe..), Yuriko CHIBA (Code Geass,Planetes, work on Eureka 7 too) set on a pedestal the Art! Oustanding emotional feeling you can get just by watching. (the blood makes you sadistic >:) JUST A MASTERPIECE!)

But when you mix the animation with the perfectly made sound - your head swims ! The soundtrack is just as black and depressed just like the art! It\'s the PERFECT symbiosis between them! But the only thing that lack\'s the number of the OSTs. For 25 episodes there should be at least 1-2 more tracks. I\'m fed up with the op & ending. But afterall they are Great! The sounds when Guts slashesh horses,monsters and people is just as oustanding like the animation - you can only listen the perfectly made voice-acting and you\'ll be overjoyed !

The voice-acting is casted by professionals.
Nobutoshi Hayashi\'s as Guts make the character development even better! He\'s staff in Fate/stay night, Air, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Initial D, Get Backers, Inu Yasha, Naruto, Shaman King and many many more. But as i said earlier - there are 3 main personages. Toshiyuki Morikawa\'s (lets say \"Devil May Cry\"as Dante and stop here...) as Griffith and Yuko Miyamura\'s as Casca (lets say also Neon Genesis Evangelion as Asuka and as performer of the ED song). It appears they are not just mere professionals...They are given a great role for the anime. The emotional relationship between the characters is deep and complicated. Great job with the flash-back episodes and development of the personality. Bow to the Outstanding coolnest of all the deeply spirited personages. It\'s like watching real live relationship! Can\'t describe it... :(

The enjoyment is far beyond exceptional! I was in deep depression after the anime. It took me around 2 days to recover! THIS IS \"Must Watch\" TITLE! For all anime fans out there - the overall score is OUSTANDING! You must not miss this! It\'s definitely NOT a waste of time.