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Jun 2, 2020
Eh. This anime wasn't actually bad, but I really didn't enjoy it at all. Objectively, the story was OK, animation was solid, and overall universe was kind of neat. However, a couple of glaring issues combined with personal taste made it hard to finish for me.

My main problem was the complete lack of any consequences for anything in the show. Someone dies or is on the edge of death? Doesn't matter, Noi or Kikurage will just heal/resurrect them. Literally, probably half or more of the main characters at some point die or are mortally wounded, only to be instantly fine within minutes. Why even read more
Apr 26, 2020
Not sure why this has such a low score here. The thing is made for one purpose - to look amazing, and it knocks that out of the park. I mean, the graphics are just gorgeous. You might need to have a 4k TV to fully appreciate it, but every tiny detail is beautifully crisp. It had me grinning from the first scene with how pretty it looked.

I'd say its biggest flaw is the animation of the woman - her movement in particular was a bit odd and it felt like the weakest part of the otherwise breathtaking scenes. That's the reason this is read more