Jun 2, 2020
Eh. This anime wasn't actually bad, but I really didn't enjoy it at all. Objectively, the story was OK, animation was solid, and overall universe was kind of neat. However, a couple of glaring issues combined with personal taste made it hard to finish for me.

My main problem was the complete lack of any consequences for anything in the show. Someone dies or is on the edge of death? Doesn't matter, Noi or Kikurage will just heal/resurrect them. Literally, probably half or more of the main characters at some point die or are mortally wounded, only to be instantly fine within minutes. Why even bother?

Another issue I had was the characters. Who is Nikaido? Well, she makes good gyoza and she likes Caiman, I guess. Also she can skateboard. But she has no personality of her own. Caiman is better, he's funny at times. I really hated Noi and Shin, mostly because they're just OP and constantly should die but never do because plot armor.

Lastly, what has changed by the end of season one? We're basically no closer to knowing anything about caiman other than the whole mushroom exposition video and Risu. But we're basically back to square one - Caiman and Nikaido are hanging out again, no one important died, and the En group is after them.

I don't really like the whole surreal dystopia genre with people just dying left and right, especially when the main characters are all plot immune to said danger. So that probably colored my enjoyment. I could see liking this show, it was fairly decently done (I even recommended it to a friend of mine who I think tends to like this genre) but for me it wasn't good.
Reviewer’s Rating: 4
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