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Aug 1, 2009
Even though I'm a Black male its shocking how much I can relate simply because of my height. Walkin' Butterfly on the surface is another story about self-acceptance targeted primarily at older females but don't be fooled. *Anyone* with any sort of complex will be able to sympathize with the character ably depicted by Chihiro Tamaki.

The story follows a fairly bad-ass 19-year old acting out due to her complex over her height, one that she deems as being too tall. At first glance she's butch, loud, irresponsible and grating. But that's where Tamaki starts to craft a character that is *truly* believable. Her complex doesn't read more
Aug 1, 2009
As someone with a passing interest in Sci-Fiction literature/manga/T.V. it comes as a bit of a surprise that I ever picked up this novel but I am glad I did.

The Two Faces of Tomorrow is a manga adaptation of a classic Hard-Science Fiction book of the same name. ( "Hard"-Scifi referring to a genre that places emphasis on technical and scientific detail. ) Set well into the 21st century , the book follows a team of scientist testing out a new Artificial Intelligence positioned to take over most of mankind's computing needs, everything from weaponry to scientific research. Fans of stories like the Terminator & read more
Jun 9, 2009
I'll keep this particular review brief only because of the my bizarre relationship with this work.

On the one hand the art is amazing. Fine line strokes combined with the heavy handed use of black ink and high contrast layouts. The art is only occasionally claustrophobic, an effect that is probably intentional due to the content of the story.

Speaking of which I was not fond of the plot. The premise of a haunting turned into deadly romance did not pique my interest in the least. It was a page turner only in the sense that I wanted to see the story conclude or the next beautifully read more
Jun 9, 2009
Eagle (Manga) add (All reviews)
Eagle was the first Manga series I ever purchased and it was essentially the beginning of what has blossomed into a considerable collection. I'm only disclosing this information because it might explain any bias in my review.

(Edit - Since the review is being voted down to hell, I'd also disclose that I'm Black! For context; I doubted this country's President as being anything other than White (at the time). thankfully I was proven quite wrong.)

That said I enjoyed this series at the time because of the premise that at the time seemed so improbable. An Asian (see:minority)-American US President? Combined with the considerable heft of read more