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Feb 21, 2010
Somehow the high expectations I had awaiting the sequel to a fantastic series were not fulfilled. Ryuusei No Gemini isn’t exactly a sequel to Kuro no Keiyakusha, but more like a separate arc in itself. It would be unfair to compare both of them as they vary in their style and storyline. For starters, the series are not bi-episodic; instead revolve around a single storyline involving a Eurasian female protagonist. Hei’s involvement through the series although significant, has not really been up to what it ought to be.

Storyline: 7/10
Suou Pavlichenko is a 13 year Eurasian girl whose life suddenly changes on a fateful read more
Oct 20, 2009
The continuation of Clannad just gets better. Everyone has now graduated, well all except Nagisa-chan because of her illness. The story now extends up to the next 10 years. And what can I say about this, I’ve never been touched so deeply by an Anime. It’s simply too touching. The whole situation is sad, and yet there’s something good about all of it. After watching it completely, I’d have no doubt saying that Clannad After Story is truly the best romantic anime series I’ve ever seen.

The story continues from where it left off. At the beginning there are a few more individual story arcs, of read more