Oct 20, 2009
abhishek14 (All reviews)
The continuation of Clannad just gets better. Everyone has now graduated, well all except Nagisa-chan because of her illness. The story now extends up to the next 10 years. And what can I say about this, I’ve never been touched so deeply by an Anime. It’s simply too touching. The whole situation is sad, and yet there’s something good about all of it. After watching it completely, I’d have no doubt saying that Clannad After Story is truly the best romantic anime series I’ve ever seen.

The story continues from where it left off. At the beginning there are a few more individual story arcs, of Youhei (The Protagonists Male friend), Misae (The Dorm Keeper) and Yukine (The girl from the reference library). All these arcs just keep up the brilliance that began from the start of the season. After then on, it’s pretty much about Tomoya and Nagisa. Throughout the Anime you’d feel for both of them, and Nagisa’s parents. I personally was touched and saddened by many events that occurred later on, while also being happy seeing them live out their lives. It has been executed very well, you’d feel for them. The whole story is simply heart-warming. I absolutely loved it.

All the list of characters THROUGHOUT the Clannad series are great in their own way. Clannad After Story continue with the story of Nagisa and Tomoyo and have added many elements to their character. It’s not all fairy tales here. It’s real, and it’s perfect. Both of their characters go through a lot in the Anime, and nowhere will you see any nonsensical drama or fakeness. In fact, their characters are what make you cry. A special mention also to Nagisa-chan’s parents, their roles play an important part in this series. Overall, great characterization, even though characters appear nothing different from ordinary.

Animation is fairly well. The production house is the same as the ones who had made Canon and Air, and they have improved a lot. Air didn’t appear that good (as I mentioned in my review of it), but Clannad After Story was a good improvement. Characters appear nice, some are cute. Overall, it’s quite good. ^_^ Couldn’t find anything that I particularly disliked.

The opening of Clannad was great, and the opening of After Story is simply amazing. ^__^ I really loved it. Throughout the Anime, the background score has been pretty good to hear. Comparing it to the previous season, I found it better. :)

Anything above an 8.5 for me is great. Anything above 9 means epic. Just goes to show how good I feel the Anime to be. It’s definitely not worth missing out on. Yes it is kinda emotional, but its nothing like immature love crap you see in many Animes. Its way more serious, and it’s definitely better. Clannad After Story rocks \m/