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Aug 17, 2013
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Ever heard about the ''cliché harem anime's which are utterly annoying''? most harem anime have no progress, no real story and are mostly pushed forward on fanservice and very lame humor.
C³ right here, screams to all corners of the world; ''YES WE CAN''. Rather overwhelming the viewer with images you would hide from
your family and friends, and almost start crying NOT because of seeing a scene of Clannad but because the humor is SO bad, you should just take this from me; C³ is for the people who have been vomiting their last reserve of useable ''clear mind'', and just CAN'T enjoy harem any longer. read more
Aug 16, 2013

Devil Survivor 2: the animation.
What if you do the exact opposite thing from what Odert(Black rock shooter)? Instead of creating a anime that completely depends on the fans from a franchise, you create a anime that is practically only watchable if you do not know the history of the franchise but imply to it in the title in the first place? An anime that's quite good to follow and okay to watch, as long as you won't hold any grudges because of the comparation with the manga or initial game. I'd like to explain some more further going subjects about the anime in this review; read more
Aug 16, 2013

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha.
Reading the words education really scared me off at first sight. I'm ashamed for saying so, but it was also why i left it to rest before even considering it a anime valuable to watch.
Although the first episode is extremely.... Cheesy, it rolls into a story that's amazing to follow. Why? Well, simply because they make the story very, very believable due stable and realistic ''regulations''.
What i'm trying to say? What i'm trying to say is that almost every action anime is based on one or more protagonists which are not envolved with the politics and the situation globally over the country.
In Maoyuu read more
Aug 16, 2013
'' I can not escape from those darkened black eyes''

Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom.
If you have been captured alive and pushed to the brink of death, and as reward for survival would be your life, what would you do? If the serious question was made if you were worthy to live or should just die, what would you do?In most situations panic would break out within a normal human being. But there are some that release a kind of instinct;the power to survive.

Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom is one of a kind; a series that takes their own story trough a fly staircase of read more