Aug 16, 2013
Zumorito (All reviews)
'' I can not escape from those darkened black eyes''

Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom.
If you have been captured alive and pushed to the brink of death, and as reward for survival would be your life, what would you do? If the serious question was made if you were worthy to live or should just die, what would you do?In most situations panic would break out within a normal human being. But there are some that release a kind of instinct;the power to survive.

Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom is one of a kind; a series that takes their own story trough a fly staircase of serious issue's and problems, involving survival in the extremest situations in the dark world of crimes, maffia and more. The containing tenacity leaves no room for humor or plain fan service people already get sick of nowadays, but explainsthe story the creators ment to show it to the public. And i can't deny; the story IS so completely different from the main streams onto this day. Yet, This is one of the best stories i've seen put together, keeping it still as oneof the greatest put down into an anime.

Initially the artwork seems a bit undetailed, but that changed quickly as soon as the backgrounds and outer looks of the characters begon to roll in.
It's obviously professional work, and nothing is left in vain speaking of details and clearly recognizable emotions in facial expressions.
There is one particulair detail that couldn't escape my eyes: the fact that the characteristics in artwork change from the characters once the mood changes. This includes the eye shades and colors, as well the hair colors and shades used. this form of symbolism isn't used much and therefore a dare to use in an already ''different'' sort of anime than the mainstream.
I personally liked this alot, and i'm one of those people who can admire what other people would call ''trainwrecks''. (this is ofcourse in a limit. let's not speak about School days ever again.)
the action scenes and smooth movements also add ontop of the already praisen artwork section. The only pinch in the artwork, is that it's a bit different than, as i said, usual anime's and might be a bit hard for the eye to get used to. Nontheless, the art definitely adds up to the realistic feel it already eradicates.

Although not expected, the story came out of a brilliant corner. It's quite unusual in the start, but is explained in an outstanding matter later on.
(we've had this with Steins;gate as well) Once you reach the amount of 9 episodes, you will still have the image of misunderstanding and uncertainty if you would continue to watch; and at these folks i'd like to say: Yes, keep watching. Because i tell you now; there are some anime out there which truely change something inside of your mind, or atleast influence your vision on certain subjects. This anime, is one of those, going in the groups of ''clannad: afterstory'', ''Steins;gate'' and ''Fate/zero''. The story is very serious and doesn't leave out any time and space for humor or nonsense; Build up in chaos, continues in a covered romantic relation in fear, and ends in an emotional break down. What this animation makes so brilliant, is that they used every ending as a semi-cliffhanger. and once you start to get into the story it only gets better. This series isn't ment for people who are just looking for some time to waiste on humor or action; The writers have put all their effort in showing their anime; their story, Which they succeed in dignity and grace.

The pinching comes at this part; the sound, music and intro's.
Let's move straight to the point: The intro is something i can't, couldn't and will never understand. it's quite offsetting on what you're trying to watch,
and ruins cliffhangers from the last episode. However the ending theme gives the slight effect for you to come into the chaos the story initially was dugged in. The second opening is also a mood breaker, and just can't come into my mind as the opening theme of this series. The BMG's and sound effects were brilliant, amazingly well placed and no sense of playbacks. The voice acting was splendid, couldn't recognize their voiced untill i read it up who they voiced over as well, leading me to praise this part.

The unique vibe already gives reason to the watcher to reconsider watching this anime, and to top it off the characters are just that extra punch who scare away watchers. It depends, what kind of watchers you're searching for. As i mentioned before, the creators wanted to put down a story on their own; not filled with ''how are we going to make them watch our show''.
This is a technique which can come out so well but also so destructive. In this situation, the main ''force'' of action fans dropped after having the bitter and/or sour bite of Phantom; Requiem Phantom.
In other words; The characters are very deep engraved with detail and story, even though the protagonists are brainwashed (this will be resolved later).
The characters are unique, have their own ''punch'' in the characteristics and deal with situations on their own way. This also is a factor of the realism the anime carries along troughout the story. I'll have to apologize for now since revealing the unique passives they carry are all related to the plot. As last; the characters communication and respondation to eachother feel really natural and make you connect with them as well. This only as a argument; the creators do lose interest from watchers, since it envolves in something you can eventually not make a relation with. Otherwords; The story moves to a moment that you can't relate yourself to the characters at all, creating a distance, and ending in a distance between watcher and character, which isn't what it was ment to do.

Initially the goal of watching this anime with Forever Exiled, was to analize the differences in types of themes revolving anime,
and ended up in watching the anime in shorter than 24 hours. Following the story of two assassins trapped in a life they never asked for,
pushed forward to do the tasks they are given, and gave up on any sort of retribution to a free life. From the idea of watching an anime with a good plot,
we bumped upon an anime that stroke our minds and hearts. I've seen quite some anime around, i've experienced quite some titles.
But this beats the theme this anime is resided in; a drama thriller which doesn't give a **** about the opinions of the watchers, concluding in a pure story told, a story that changes something within your way of thinking, and your way of seeing things on a free life most of us have.
Because there is one thing that none keeps a thought about; The most precious things.... are the most obvious ones.

Some stories are made for entertainment, some are made for drama; but some are made to bring you something that isn't always expected initially; it changes you and influences you.
That is, what ''Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom'' is. If you decide to watch a thriller, it is this one i recommend to anyone who's interested.

Art: 8.7
Story: 9.3
Sound: 7.6
Characters: 8.9
Enjoyment: 9.8
Overall: 8.9/10

With this i will end this review, and i hope to see you next time ;)

- Zumorito