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Oct 1, 2012
"Can a girl enjoy a shounen-horror-demon-themed-anime?" I ask "Why not?"Sennen Makyou is the kind of second season that makes an anime outstanding. It drove away all the uneasy feelings the first season left, and strongly consolidated into one of my favorites. If I have to say more, I really want to read the manga after this.

//WARNING: This review will compare a lot first and second season of Nurarihyon. Lazy readers better go to conclusion. Sorry if I´m way too biased for the awesomeness of this anime//

Story (10):
SM has one of the most consolidated stories you´ll ever see. All the points that didn´t make much ...
Jul 18, 2012
Preliminary (2/11 eps)
"I always wondered who was the one who suffered the most. The one who departed...or the one who was left behind"

//Before giving me a non-helpful tag please read the review. //

After finishing Sakamichi no Apollon, I wondered if there was another josei anime who would make the same impact on me...and I know now for sure I found it. If else, it had made a hole different one.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous is a beautiful work. The story, the art, the characters, the music, the production and direction...every thing is balanced prefectly.

There´s so many things that are remarkable about this show:a grieving couple that shares everything ...
Jan 19, 2012
¨If you want to pay your debt with me, then please love me¨

Quite the proposition, huh? But this is what you get in the first chapter, and from that moment on, you´re doomed...´cuz you wont help but keep watching so you can know what happens afterwards.

Arakawa under the bridge is the story that having the possibillity to have a cliched development, leaves that completely aside, leaving you with a series were each minute that passes gets more and more weird, and, if you can get used to it, more and more funny.

If you´ve read the summary, you will see more or less what ...
Dec 20, 2011
This is pretty different from other animes and mangas when it comes to plot.

I enjoyed most of the chapters, which is pretty hard when you know everything almost from the manga.

The design of the characters let me a little disapointed, after seeing the job of Hinata-sensei in the manga, but that doesn´t mean they aren´t enjoyable. Also, the relationships are deep and well-built,and the personalities are pretty funny in a way.

The music isn´t something that let me in awe, but it´s pretty good (my favorite is the ending) and accomplish it´s purpose very well. The title and the introduction are told in french, what it´s ...
Dec 15, 2011
Kimi to Boku. (Anime) add
Preliminary (Unknown/13 eps)
¨You and Me¨. I think that explains a lot when you hear about this anime.

There are a lot of shounen series out there that seems to not be able to survive without an strange adventure or some out-of-this-dimenssion kind of development. Kimi to Boku breaks with all that.

Is a slice-of-life series where you can be sure that´s what you´re going to see. There are no super powers, nor beings for another galaxy nor mythical creatures: it´s about high-school boys and their every-day lifes. It´s so beautifully refreshing that you can´t help but smile with every chapter.

The main characters are four ...
Dec 14, 2011
Preliminary (Unknown/? chp)
This series has been a really strange discoverment. I´m not going to tell you what actually happens, because that will be spoiler and goes against my policy.

In the beginnig, what atracted me was the plot, that seems to be able to appear in any other place, but that as it starts to move gets deepper and focused. It wisely involves various concepts used in other mangas and makes them blend in a rather amazing way, that lets you with that feeling of wanting to read more. The arcs are subsequents and don´t have any wastes, and in most of the chapters you´re able ...