Oct 1, 2012
"Can a girl enjoy a shounen-horror-demon-themed-anime?" I ask "Why not?"Sennen Makyou is the kind of second season that makes an anime outstanding. It drove away all the uneasy feelings the first season left, and strongly consolidated into one of my favorites. If I have to say more, I really want to read the manga after this.

//WARNING: This review will compare a lot first and second season of Nurarihyon. Lazy readers better go to conclusion. Sorry if I´m way too biased for the awesomeness of this anime//

Story (10):
SM has one of the most consolidated stories you´ll ever see. All the points that didn´t make much sense on the first season are fully explained here. The consolidation of the Nura Clan, the beginning of the First Nigh Parade of One Hundred Demons, Nurarihyon´s personality and, if I may add, awesomeness (not sure that word exists, but let´s think it does) and such are included here. The director knew how to make a strongly-story-based series and drove the anime with quality, taking care of the plot so there weren´t any holes. The episode director knew what was on his hands, and, as it is, produced a linear sequence, where the flashbacks and the real-time happenings were clearly separated and the cliffhangers were right placed( they still were annoying. I mean, who likes cliffhangers?) Also, they did a good transition into a more comedy-driven series than in the 1st season. The remarks and reactions felt as many other anime´s we´ve seen, but it didn´t damage the quality of the show as a hole. If so, it added to it a little more of what it lacked before.

We find out a lot more about Rikuo´s family and encounter truly hateful villains. Not the ones who have a valid reason to do evil as it seem to be on vogue. Even after you know their reasons, they keep on being as wicked and insane as ever. But try not to get way too ahead of yourselves on this matter, as there is more than meets the eyel on the villain´ s side.

Characters (10)
SM shows that characters depth is as important as the plot. What I truly liked on this season is that Rikuo´s both personalities became one. His speech still changes as drastically as in the first season when it comes to the Nigh Version, but now it really feels like him. No matter if he is polite or uses a yakuza-slang, he is himself. That is, on my opinion, a huge success on what it represented his character. He becames more of a shounen MC : his remarks, his bratty attitude when he faces his superiors, the way he takes things head-on, his compassion of the wrong-and-tricked-onto-it-doers, and a lot more of things give him that shounen hero feeling. Even so, Rikuo keeps his originality as a character, being honest, unhesitant and taking his own decisions. He behaves as the virtuous child who was presented upon us since the beginning, and that is truly appreciated.

In reference to the rest of the cast, I will be briefer. The one who´s gotten more development from the female cast is Yura Kekain, as she´s a MC on this season. She´s gotten a lot more depth in plot and story matters as before and has gained more attention than before (her Kyoto-slang is as funny as always). In the case of Tsurara, her feelingstowards Rikuo have evolved from the blind faith to something more deep and romantic. Now that Rikuo´s gotten more serious, she finds herself on the need to redefine her role as a member of his Night Parade. This happens to other members, namely Kurotabo, Aotabo, and Kubinashi. Everyone starts realizing that Rikuo doesn´t need to be protected, but rather to be trusted and accompanied. Kana doesn´t get as much spotlight, and there´s a point where you wonder what happened with her, as she went from main to side-character.

Yes, I´m going to be honest. What drove me to Nurarihyon no Mago was the 2nd opening of Sennen Makyou. I found it somewhere which name I can´t remember anymore (not that it matters now). L.M.C is a band that knows how to make the right songs for the right story-arcs. They did a great job on Reborn! (first time I heard of them) and they keep on being a reference when it comes to Theme songs. Both OP sequences were awesome, where the second one is the best. Kataze *Size does a good job on the ED sequences, and here I recommend once again the second one. The BGM was beautiful made and placed, being sometimes as darker as it was needed, but with beautiful pieces thrown here and there.

Art (10)
The best! They took the right amount of light and dark, the right colors and tones to each of the parts. Even the blood looked real, and we all know how hard it is to find real looking blood on some series. The night and day sides of the story were well done, and the art took a huge advance from what it was before. Is as you go through the art evolution of the mangaka, which is a plus to this series.

Enjoyment (10)
My most sincere regards to the team which created and gave life to this season. Now that I finished this anime I know I took the right decision when I decided to watch it and I´m even taking into consideration reading the manga. Iit takes a good plot and characters to make a horror-hating girl like me to enjoy this. My camp of genres has broadened a little after this. I sincerely encourage anyone to watch this, be it you like the genre or not.

+the art is more refined. It has the right color palette and tones,
+both OP and ED sequences as the BGM are awesome,
+more main characters,
+development and depth in both the MC as SC (side-characters),
+more comedy,
+non-holes plot
+better than the prequel.
To you who´s read till the end of this biased review of a well-produced-shounen-series-lover girl as me, I encourage you to watch this anime. I found it as a piece of 24 episodes that shouldn´t be missed.I myself can´t wait anymore for the OVA that comes on December.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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