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Apr 7, 2017
Tsui no Sora (Anime) add
Tsui no Sora is a hilariously bad hentai.

Every scene is very poorly paced, and really awkward. The animation is very poor and riddled with mistakes. The lip-syncing is awful, and there are many parts where there is so little animation that it's embarrassing. Characters almost never blink and almost every background looks very lazily made (some backgrounds are just colour-gradients).

During sex scenes, they reuse clips a lot and use animation-loops for way too long. There's even a part where they loop something for 37 whole seconds. Sometimes the animations don't even loop correctly and have a little 'hiccup' in them. Several times instead of cutting ...
Feb 13, 2017
Many fans would love to see a good horror-movie based on the game 'Ao Oni' but instead they get this...

Sadly, it has very little to do with the game. It has the monster, the chase music, and they talk about 'Ao Oni' being a video-game. That's basically all it has in common with the source material. The plot isn't terrible but the execution is very poor. The pacing is slow and awkward. Every scene feels like it was slowed down. The characters aren't likeable or interesting. They had plenty of time to make them likeable before the threat comes into play but nope. The characters ...
Dec 21, 2016
Pugyuru (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Pugyuru is based on a 4-koma so don't expect much story or character depth. It's pretty light-hearted, silly, and doesn't make a lot of sense. It's not an anime for kids though. At one point a guy even yells "Jesus goddamn shit!". It has some funny moments but nothing hilarious. The pacing is often pretty awkward and could really benefit from some better timing.

The visuals don't look professional and the animation is pretty poor. The way the characters are drawn make me think of the kind of art you see on DeviantArt when you sort by Newest. The visual-quality is pretty consistent though. Overall it ...