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Feb 16, 2020
The January anime curse continues. I don’t know how much of the blame for this anime we can put on Andou Masaomi—the director credits have more names than I care to count. Nevertheless, his name is among them; and this anime reeks of his signature, sophomoric witless comedy. The lingering question about this anime is How? How on earth did they assemble that cast with that script? And how they more cares to animation and CGI than script and direction?The anime stars A-listers, Oscar winners and soon-to-be Oscar winners. I get that they have their eye on a toilet, but come on.

This anime contains almost a dozen read more
Feb 15, 2020
Before its release, some of Scientology's critics suggested that Science fell in Love would be filled with subliminal messages in an attempt to recruit or brainwash viewers. They needn't worry: Outside of marching on Washington in Nazi uniforms while burning crosses and clubbing baby seals, it's hard to think of a worse way to recruit romance scenes than to subject stories them to this surreal atrocity, an adaptation of manga from Alfred Yamamoto. An anime too staggeringly inept to be believed, Science fell in Love is a contender for the worst romantic anime of any year, decade, or century. The film tells the story of 2 useless and cult read more
Feb 14, 2020
As a conclusion to over a decades worth of storytelling, it's got a lot to live up to, and it's about as good as you could really hope for it to be. Overall, I really do like Railgun S better. At the end of the day, Railgun S was just a wildly new experience, it was such a gamechanger and crowd-pleaser. Not only that, Railgun S I think had a better final battle. This final battle, while boasting the biggest ensemble of Railgun heroes we've ever seen on screen, is weirdly dark and muddied in CGI scenery compared to the battle at Stadium (Final Arc read more
Feb 13, 2020
The whole concept of numbers deciding your time up land is both fascinating and the type of thing you're glad doesn't exist in real life. I think the number thing really fits the story, even if the series seems to have some stuff they really need to clear up. A big problem with Plunderer is its direction. The plot twists become pretty confusing and at the point where I am I have no idea what is what anymore. The plot seems to kind of go too quickly, and its not even that amazing either. Even if the number part is sort of unique to it, read more
Feb 12, 2020
Majutsushi Orphen, one of my favourite anime since childhood. When i found out and watch this anime, my childhood is ruined.
What was Studio Deen thinking when they decided to make this horrible anime. More or less was it really the studio fault for such disastrous casting of talentless actors which is questionable to what type of approach they were going for, The anime is a downright textbook example of how to not make a big budget epic. Scoured with a Horrendous screenplay, Bad Acting, Laughable Dialogue, horrible filler, really inconvenient plotting and all too embarrassing quick pacing and how could I not mention the terrible read more
Feb 10, 2020
Dorohedoro is idiosyncratic. In other words, it’s really weird, to the point where there’s nothing else in anime that compares. It’s gory and full of grotesque monsters, but it’s also quite funny. Definitely more funny than scary. Everything is run-down, dirty and overcrowded, yet there’s life around every corner, happily crawling by. Q Hayashida has created a dismal, filthy world and populated it with a bunch of cheerful monsters. That’s really what comes across most of all in this first episode, that Dorohedoro is full of life. It’s a master-class in world building.

What am i worried:

I was worried about Dorohedoro being a little too CG heavy, but aside from a few scenes, read more
Feb 6, 2020
If you can get past the chibi art style and the fact this is a pure fanservice crossover series, there's a lot to enjoy here. Every character is written like themselves (and every VA has returned to reprise their role, both in the Japanese and English dub even). And it's just a lot of shenanigans of these characters being put into a school together. While it's definitely a comedy, it's also not too unserious. There's a grounding and developments between the characters and situation here that get fleshed out. This might not make it a laughs-per-minute type of show, but it does play into making read more
Feb 2, 2020
Kyokou Suiri wasn’t a series that was at the top of my expectations list going into this season, but it was definitely mid-tier with a bullet.  Along with Runway de Waratte (which debuted about as promisingly as one could hope) they were my main sleeper picks.  Kyokou Suiri is an interesting and odd manga (actually based on a liht novel on the Kodansha Taiga seinen imprint) and there was a lot of promise here even if the show is flying way under the radar.  And while I wouldn’t put it on the same pedestal as Runway, I did like this premiere an awful lot.

It seems like forever ago now, but Brain’s Base was read more
Feb 1, 2020
Pet (Anime) add (All reviews)
Pet is promising, but difficult to pin-down after just this one episode. Clearly, it’s a low budget affair, the kind of seinen horror anime that doesn’t aspire to be well-animated or popular (I’m thinking of stuff like Sci-Fi Harry and Blassreiter here) but is basically entertaining. Pulp anime is another way of putting it: melodramatic characters doing bad things to each other, which, I admit, doesn’t exactly sound like a good time, yet works in inventive ways.

There’s also an undercurrent of homoeroticm: men touching hands, open-shirted, getting into water fights and changing clothes together. I wasn’t surprised to learn that the author of Pet‘s manga, read more
Jan 25, 2020
I was actually a bit disappointed by this. The beginning is rather clunky, showing moving flying mages as you know them from the early stages of film -making and a lot of commentary provided by survivors of WW1 or WW2 back to back without pause. The moment the image suddenly gets wide, colored and gore is fantastic and the technical feat of transferring all the material to modern viewing standards praise-worthy. Unfortunately the witnesses' commentary offering intrinsic details of every day life on the front can get tiring and hard to understand at times. There are too many voices, in too short an order read more