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Apr 30, 2008
This is a manga I'm following very closely. After watching the anime, I felt something was missing. Something very big, and that was more character development and plot development. Only watching the anime did not satisfy me, so I obviously tracked down the manga when I heard it was being released in the US.

To my surprise there were some differences between the anime and manga. The manga is more, how can I put it, edgy. It has the ability to do what it wants more then what the anime would have. So you get to see more skin, and a bit more fanservice. (This read more
Feb 9, 2008
What can I say...Very short, and very satisfying. A very well done manga with a story that we might never see animated.

I myself, have not played the game that this is based off of. To see it in the form of manga was surprising to me, but still a very good experience.

Tomoyo and Tomoya are stars of this manga. No where to be found are the other characters from the anime. But this does not take away from the experience. This is a side of the anime many people might not see, and is defiantly not worth skipping out on. To those who read more