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Aug 12, 2019
Mixed Feelings
At first glance it's perhaps a bit weird that the Starship Troopers film franchise, which after the 1997 original had seen two direct-to-dvd entries in 2004 and 2008, would get a CGI anime sequel produced in Japan. But judging by the fact a 6 part OVA already aired before Paul Verhoeven even got to Heinlein's book, Japan has always enjoyed the universe to a certain degree, or at least producers see a potential market.

Because of this obvious drastic change in production, Invasion feels quite different from it's precursors. But is it any good?

The truth is that Starship Troopers: Invasion is just a well-animated and straightforward ...
Feb 9, 2019
Armored Trooper Votoms: Alone Again is a bit of a weird entry in the already quite weird votoms franchise. After 2010's Phantom Arc was created to finally follow-up 1994's shining heresy and more or less cap off Chirico Cuvie's story, one of Votoms' trademark gaps was created by starting the first episode after Chirico had visited and left his friends already. Alone Again fills in that gap, but also manages to be one of the best entries in the franchise while at it.

The story itself is quite short and familiar. Chirico visits his old friends in their Oasis town, but violence looms ahead. Chirico's arrival ...
Feb 9, 2019
Case;Irvine is a stand-alone spinoff from the mainline Votoms storyline, being one of the only entries in the franchise that truly has a self-contained plot. But is it any good?

The story of Case;Irvine is fairly simple and straightforward, drawing on several facets of the known Votoms world like the recent war, barely underground arena battling, and the acid rain seen in Woodo. There's not exactly enough time to tell a truly original or groundbreaking story, but a lot of background explanation can be skipped because the viewer is likely aware of the setting. This allows just enough time for the characters and arcs to work, ...
Feb 8, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Farewell to Space Battleship is a weird movie. Rather than being made to summarize a full season the way the first movie was, it's instead a sequel movie that was afterwards reworked into an actual series. And in a lot of ways it does feel like a too much story has been squished into too little time. I haven't watched the second season as of writing this review.

From it's start, Farewell is very much occupied with trying to recreate what worked in the original show. The additions to the cast are minor, Dessler is back from the dead once again to take a significant chunk ...
Dec 23, 2018
Gurazeni's first season went largely undernoticed and underappreciated, but it was a refreshing slice-of-life take on baseball with a likeable cast and very limited production qualities. With a break lasting only a single season, Gurazeni is back to...mainly do the same thing again, but ever so slightly better.

Production-wise, absolutely nothing changed. It's all passable but decent at best, including the CGI used for the (quite infrequent) action cuts during the baseball games, mainly Bonda's pitching. Even more telling is the fact that both the OP and ED have been recycled from the first season, albeit with different visuals. Now both of the songs are quite ...
Oct 3, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Phantom Arc starts off as a trip down memory lane. It has been 24 years since any of Chirico's friends appeared, and seeing their banter and hijinks is an instant reminder why they were so important to Votoms despite their minor relevance to the plot. To drive the nostalgia home even harder, the first two episodes deal with revisiting the planets of Uoodo and Kummen in search of Chirico, who we are told has visited them since the events of Shining Heresy but left, as is later portrayed in Alone Again. Gotho, Vanilla, and Coconna treat their return to the ground of Votoms' first arcs ...
Oct 2, 2018
After 1994's Shining Heresy more or less failed, the Votoms franchise went quiet for over a decade. It's return further explores the familiar grounds of Chirico Cuvie's past, and serves as somewhat of a sequel to Red shoulder document: Roots of ambition. If this sound a little inaccessible that's because it absolutely is made for fans familiar with both the original Armored Trooper Votoms and it's follow-up OVA's. To make matters worse, the mechs are now done with CGI, and mid-2000's CGI at that. Pailsen Files really is just for those interested in the franchise, but past that it's quite a good show that scratches ...
Sep 27, 2015
Re:Marina (Manga) add
Disclaimer: I don't usually like this kind of manga all that much. I don't usually read it. Why did I read it? I was bored and there were only 20 chapters up or so.

Quick synopsis: Rinosuke's dad was kinda shitty and now he's also dead and kind of shitty. Somehow, he got hitched to a hot college student, Marina, when he hit 40, by being in college for some reason. They get married but he gets sick with little hope of recovery and Marina decides to do timetravel and meet his teenage self. Why does Marina travel to the teenager Rinosuke, ostensibly grieving over ...
Sep 27, 2015
"And thus, the boy would become king." - Pretty much every episode's tagline

Arslan Senki is one of those anime that really needs to get a second season. Not because it's that great, but because it's source material basically forces it to. Apparently, the novel series (not light novels, mind you) is still running with 14 parts published. No matter how many seasons the anime gets, it won't be enough to completely adapt the books.

But does it work as an anime? In short: Yes, it's pretty good. It's flaws prevent it from being anything great but if you like this kind of story it'll be a ...
Oct 22, 2012
Mixed Feelings
"Trying to make sense of everything is an exercise in stupidity" - General Smilas, being completely right.

Code Geass returns after a few years with a spin-off, and the results are mostly disappointing. Trying desperately to stick to the successes of the original series, it simply is a weaker version in the every aspect.

-The story
Akito basically has everything code geass had: A tyraniccal nation (2 now), a bunch of terrorists, geass, racial shmuck and a bunch of teenagers changing a war. Sadly, it all seems forced. The EU, featured very little in the original series, has been revamped to look like a clone of britannia, with ...

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