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Sep 25, 2015
Note: This review contains spoilers from the first two seasons.

The Psycho-Pass movie takes place a couple of years after the ending of the second season. Once again it follows Akane as she takes her incorruptible hue and immovable morality outside of Japan to hunt S1 favorite Kougami in SEAUn (South East Asian Union).

After Akane stops a well organized terrorist group in Japan, she learns of Kougami's connection to them and goes off by herself (with the blessing of the Sibyl System) to SEAUn to investigate. The continent itself acts a representation of two things, one, what life is like in countries outside of Japan read more
Sep 25, 2015
Psycho-Pass 2 has an ability to keep you wanting to watch the next episode. While I often see a lot of complaints about the story, I honestly didn't have an issue with it until the very end. Yeah, it mimics a lot of the same things from the first season so it might come out as stale, like the main villain having a psycho-pass that can't be read, but his true motives and the like remain hidden and there are more moving parts within these 11 episodes.

The pacing is wonderful right until the last episode when things go a little out of whack. Each plot read more
Jul 8, 2015
Note: This is a SEQUEL and will include spoilers for the first season.

The story takes place shortly after the ending of the first season. The Hoshiijiro ena has been "moved" and early on a lot of backalley type set up goes around to make the viewer question the motives of certain characters. Besides all this the other main focal point of the story is a big one, and quite literally at that since it's the hybrid, Tsumugi.

By itself the story is not anything special, but it has set itself up to have some pretty stunning resolutions and encounters down the road. Watching read more
Jun 26, 2015
Note: This review is influenced by knowledge that a second season is coming.

Seraph of the End is a action anime that revolves around the struggle between humans and vampires with the key characters being two friends (who are essentially brothers).

We should get the characters out of the way. For the most part they have boring personalities. Yuuichirou Hyakuya, the main main character, has an undying hatred towards vampires (and rightfully so), but his entire character for most of the show is "Must kill vampires". Of course, this is challenged at the very end, and hopefully will be more so in season 2. Mika read more
Jun 24, 2015
Note: While this is for the first season, it really's for BOTH seasons combined. It's here because anyone who is actually thinking of watching the show will read this one and not one for S2.

Space Dandy can be aptly described as Acid Trip: The Anime. It follows the exploits (or lack thereof), of the crew of the Aloha Oe: Dandy, QT, and Meow.

There is no real plot in Space Dandy. The crew works as kind of bounty hunters. They try to find rare aliens and turn them in for money. You quickly find out that they are very bad at this, or just read more
Jun 23, 2015
Log Horizon is an adventure anime where our cast is among the people who have been trapped in an online game representation of Japan.

The story is somewhat multi-faceted. It starts with the characters simply trying to figure out the working of their new world into trying to manage it. There are other small arcs that interconnect these things together. At the start of the anime I was very impressed with how it really seemed like they were in a fully functional MMO with rules and teamwork. Almost everything in the anime somehow focuses on different aspects of what you would know from an MMO and read more
Jun 23, 2015
Golden Time is an anime by the creator of Toradora!. It follows around Tada Banri as he starts his life as a college student.

Golden Time is a romantic dramady and the pacing is extremely similar to Toradora!. The story mainly revolves around Banri and his romantic and his "internal struggle". The romance parts that largely don't involve the internal struggle are handled very well. However, as the show goes on the story becomes more and more centered around this single plot point and it damages the entire fabric of the anime. Eventually it locks the show into one of two solutions, one of them being read more
Jun 23, 2015
Despite the title of "Hentai Prince" the show is not an ecchi/fan service title and is really some strange supernaturalish romantic comedy. The show is about how the wishes granted by the Nekogami affect the characters and the world they live in.

The Stony cat grants a wish in a rather particular way. For instance, the main character wants to be more open with who he is so he asks the cat to take away his facade. At the same time the cat will give what it took to someone who needs it. This along with the rather unlimited power the cat has is the basis read more
Jun 23, 2015
Karneval is a shojou anime, boarding on shonen-ai. It follows the adventures of Nai and Garaki and how they got involved with Circus, a secret organization which protects Japan from monsters.

The story is kind of loose. It's mainly about Nai and how he is looking for Karoku, but also about Gareki and how he tries to make himself useful to everyone around him in circus. I say loose because they are not really actively searching for Karoku and a lot of the time they just seem to be roaming around without any real direction of what they are doing. For being an organization that is read more
Jun 23, 2015
Somewhere in another world the Demon King is about to become ruler of the entire world, but he is stopped by the hero and is forced to live in Japan. Start comedy of the Spring 2013 season.

This shows main draw is the characters. Just about all of them are exceptionally entertaining, even the ones that tend me be kind of annoying have some truly hilarious moments, especially when you add in their facial expressions.

Many watchers will be pleased by the fact that they show never really goes into full out harem. Although each girl has some level of feelings for the MC, they vary based read more