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Dec 16, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Sounds/Visuals: 8.9
One of the main things I noticed off the bad for the series was the art and the sounds. They were exceptional and really well done for the most part except for the CGI . The music, the sounds, and the voice acting were likable and I had no problems with them.

Plot/Story: 7.5, Consistency: 8, Characters: 7.4
The story was good. With some minor flaws, The revival event was so just so random and made up that despite its "said" rules for it, the main character randomly does something out of ordinary for it. But I think ignoring that, the main focus for the story ...
Aug 16, 2022
One of the most popular animes of all time..

Writing seems to have gotten better than its original series. The episodes where they showcase the past were probably the best episodes in the whole series other than the fights. The story was good but had bad pacing at times especially during the fights, some flaws, and also the sub par stories of some of the episodes because almost half of them were fillers. Character development was good also. The characters were alright, there are very few that are likable or interesting.

Some of the openings and endings of this anime are legendary and are definitely in the ...
Apr 3, 2022
Even though this is the final season there are still full of surprises and twists and turns which just shows how good the writing is for AOT, the quality of it has been super consistent since its very birth. Symbols and themes are very prevalent and have become deeply embedded in the story than any other season. Lastly the story had very minor flaws here and there

Characters have developed greatly and they have taken major strides since S4 P1! They are still amazing and they have become more likable and deeper than ever.

Animation was amazing especially the fluidity of the fights between humans vs humans ...
Dec 19, 2021
Naruto (Anime) add
Naruto, I mean at this time in the history of anime everyone who has watched anime or hasn't knows it's name. It's one of the most popular, game changing anime that further introduced the western world to anime, and is considered the archetypes for future Shonen animes such as HXH. But it wasn't my first anime when I was growing up, I watched Doreamon as a kid and that was the only anime I watched but I didn't know Doreamon was an anime until years later but after I moved I got introduced to OPM anime which was popping off at the time and soon ...
Dec 6, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Another shallow and typical story with the group going on a another adventure involving a king, queen, some betrayals, learning some heroic lessons and on on and on. The plot was predictable and there were some minor flaws here and there.

The animation was on point though there were some issues with the CGI but overall the fights looked good and the character designs were great. The music was pretty good and similar to that of the series.

After seeing the two other movies this was a bit of a drag and it was hard to keep focus since it was bland and the same ...
Nov 9, 2021
Mixed Feelings
The story is alright. Has some meaning to it and some basic themes. Has some minor flaws and the same formula similar to a Naruto episode. The world building is kind of flawed in this and I don't understand some of the technology. The characters from the series are pretty much the same and get very little development throughout the movie. Though other characters such as Temujin had some development.

The animation was very good and with great drawing. With amazing fight scenes and character movement though the CGI could be a bit questionable. The music is pretty much similar to that of the series ...
Oct 4, 2021
The story is solid with some minor flaws similar to that of the series. such as stereotyping certain characters and having some small issues. The animation is pretty good and was above average compared to the series and the soundtrack was solid with sound effects and music to that of the series. It adds some depth to the world of Naruto but otherwise there wasn't else this film offered other than some flashy fights.

Overall a solid movie if you have been watching the Naruto series since this movie takes place after episode 101 and enjoying it so far then this movie is worth the ...
Sep 4, 2021
What what I honestly don't have anything to say. I'm just confused on what I just watched not in it being too complex but seemingly stupid and with 0 creativity and logic. But tbh this was expected since Evangelion 3.0 its prequel was was just horrible. I only watched it cuz I felt like completing the franchise. They took some inspirations from the series while diverging it from quiet a lot. They left us with so many questions in the last prequel and this movie still didn't answer them but instead added some more confusion.

The characters are the same pretty much. Though some of ...
Sep 4, 2021
Mixed Feelings
The story is solid but the story of Steins Gate with or without it. For my view there was no need for this movie since the conflict was flawed and also because at the end it was solved with ease.

The characters are alright not much development from them another than Kurisu and Okabe.

The visuals are pretty good but still pretty much the same to the original series with some uses of CG. The sound effects are pretty good but there wasn't much use of music in most of the scenes.

But at the end it wasn't worth my time but I felt like completing ...
Sep 4, 2021
The conclusion of Violet Evergarden is here and it was definitely worth the time. For people who somewhat liked the series like me don't shy away from this movie it was worth checking out.

The story is pretty good. Probably better than most of the eps of Violet Evergarden. The pacing is good, the directing was fantastic, and the dialogue was decent. The same formula used for the series but amplified to another level. The movie is quiet long so there are minor halts where it might get a bit slow. We get to meet some likable characters again from the series but mainly the focus ...

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