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Sep 4, 2021
What what I honestly don't have anything to say. I'm just confused on what I just watched not in it being too complex but seemingly stupid and with 0 creativity and logic. But tbh this was expected since Evangelion 3.0 its prequel was was just horrible. I only watched it cuz I felt like completing the franchise. They took some inspirations from the series while diverging it from quiet a lot. They left us with so many questions in the last prequel and this movie still didn't answer them but instead added some more confusion.

The characters are the same pretty much. Though some of read more
Sep 4, 2021
The story is solid but the story of Steins Gate with or without it. For my view there was no need for this movie since the conflict was flawed and also because at the end it was solved with ease.

The characters are alright not much development from them another than Kurisu and Okabe.

The visuals are pretty good but still pretty much the same to the original series with some uses of CG. The sound effects are pretty good but there wasn't much use of music in most of the scenes.

But at the end it wasn't worth my time but I felt like completing read more
Sep 4, 2021
The conclusion of Violet Evergarden is here and it was definitely worth the time. For people who somewhat liked the series like me don't shy away from this movie it was worth checking out.

The story is pretty good. Probably better than most of the eps of Violet Evergarden. The pacing is good, the directing was fantastic, and the dialogue was decent. The same formula used for the series but amplified to another level. The movie is quiet long so there are minor halts where it might get a bit slow. We get to meet some likable characters again from the series but mainly the focus read more
Sep 3, 2021
A solid movie for the most part. It delivers what makes Violet Evergarden unique in the medium of anime from the tone to the dialogue to the way it was directed. Nontheless it was a decent film that could even be considered better than some eps of the series. It stayed pretty consistent throughout but I felt like the plot was a repeat of the same scenario in one of the eps of series.

We see some supporting characters again but very few had any lines other than Bendicit who actually played a bigger role in the later half of the movie.

The art and music read more
Sep 3, 2021
A solid episode not as interesting as some of the show's episodes but was still worth the watch. Decent writing, great directing, and some good emphasis on themes and meanings. Similar formula to pretty much any other episode in Violet Evergarden. And we some of the supporting characters again such as Claudia.

The artwork was fantastic as always with tons of scenes that could be wallpapers, the music was beautiful with great singing. And the voice acting is superb with the same actors from the series.

You should watch it if you enjoyed the show consistently otherwise you can skip it since it doesn't go over read more
Sep 3, 2021
Violet Evergarden is an anime that was well praised by most anime watchers. But most critics and people that have watched and reviewed a lot of anime had other thoughts. And I was one of them ; well not necessarily.

The setting takes place in what seems to be a Victorian Era type style. Which was interesting. Examples include the clothes people wore, the architecture, and the technology etc. The writing falls short in some areas and it can be a bit inconsistent at times but when it's good it can get really good. I can't take some of the scenes seriously and I cringe a read more
Aug 30, 2021
Nothing much other than an extra episode for Steins; Gate. It doesn't really add anything major to the world and is just there for like what happened after the end of the series. There is minor character exposition but otherwise there isn't anything else. We see some of the supporting characters again and the writing was solid.

The visuals are still high quality I didn't see any CG and the music is well done pretty much identical to the series. If you just simply want more Steins Gate then this is it but otherwise like I said before there is really nothing else.
Aug 30, 2021
I am a bit mixed on why it has such a high rating. It was a sci fi anime and it was highly rated on MAL and those were the only two reasons why I decide to watch it because otherwise It didn't really grab my attention.

The start is a bit confusing even me I felt like dropping it after the first episode because I didn't what was going on so you have to be a bit patient. With half of the season being really slow though things start coming together really quickly and the pace starts picking up fast but in some cases there read more
Aug 28, 2021
Simple yet beautiful..

Barakamon is a series that I came across after scrolling through the slice of life anime list. The synopsis is so simple but that's what got me hooked into it, it isn't a shallow school type of slice of life and neither at the end of track it isn't something that could break you and question your existence. A simple story not too complicated or deep and gives us themes about everyday life.

The story is so simple but wonderfully crafted. It doesn't have action, monsters blowing buildings apart or anything like that. In fact its the opposite since it is a slice read more
Aug 27, 2021
Mob Psycho 100 just fell off and lost the tone that made S1 likable. Me personally I didn't find much interest in it but still I felt like completing it because I hoped it would get better over time but it really didn't.

The story is mediocre. The pacing has shifted quiet a bit. The focus also has changed. The tone of the series becoming more dark and the comedy and light heartedness basically is non existent or is super weak compared to how it was in S1. You can't expect to shift this fast in a short period of time and expect it to be read more