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May 14, 2018
The most disappointing aspect of this series isn't that it's bland, it isn't the recycled cliches, it isn't the entirely recycled plot from literally any other light novel action harem.

No, the most disappointing thing, for me, is that this show could have been so much more.

If there's a single positive to this series, it's that it is fairly unique on a surface level. At least for light novel harems, having it set in a school without magic is actually quite rare, so much so that nothing else comes to mind.

But while there are no magic abilities, which in theory should open up a read more
Dec 24, 2017
I'll try and explain why this isn't a good sequel, at all. [Spoiler Free]

I'd just like to get it out of the way that I'm watching this hot off the heels of the first season, as I binged the first and second season in about a day. The details of which are still very fresh in my mind.

This is also the second season of Kekkai Sensen, so I'm assuming you're familiar with the story.

Why does Kekkai Sensen 2 fail as a sequel? To put it bluntly, it's because this season is much more episodic in nature.

In the first season, almost every episode leading up read more
Dec 1, 2017
I'll try and explain why this isn't a very good anime, kinda.

With Net-juu no Susume, there's two separate but inter-connected story lines, one in game, one in real life.

Of which, the real life story is actually decent and pretty cute, if a bit bland, while the in game story is a cringey mess. To the point where I would actively skip most of the in game interactions not between the two mains because they were hard to watch, they were also predictable too so I wasn't missing anything.

Why is this? To put it bluntly, no one in game acts like an actual human being.

I'm read more
Sep 21, 2017
This anime is trash, and I love it.

Comedy is the single most subjective genre of media you can possibly find, because different jokes get different levels of enjoyment based on who you show it to.

For me, this anime rubbed me the right way 90% of the time and made me laugh uncontrollably on some occasions.

The comedy is cruel, violent, slapstick, and absurd, with little touches of romantic tension to tie the whole package up. For me, it's everything I could ever want in a comedy that's only 10 minutes per episode, it reminds me of a trashier Konosuba in that regard, but for others read more
May 6, 2015
This was by far the best 19 minutes I've ever spent in my life watching anime on the toilet trying to shit out the biggest shit of my life.

It's not very surprising how much flack this... "Thing"... gets. It's done so horribly bad that it's literally the funniest thing ever that's not supposed to be funny. It's what I like to call the "Left Behind" effect.

You go watch Left Behind and you have two thoughts on your mind, first one is "Nicolas Cage just takes whatever role that pays, doesn't he?", and second is "That shit was fucking hilarious". For those wondering, Left Behind is read more
May 1, 2015
If someone were to ask me to describe Mawaru Penguindrum in 1 word, I would have to say "Let me use 5."

Stunning. Trippy. Symbolic. Heart-rending. Art.

Mawaru Penguindrum is one of the closest examples you will ever get to pure art in this industry, it's comparable to things like Evangelion and Serial Experiments Lain in that regard. It doesn't stick to the norm, nor is it a hipster for doing so, it's the perfect definition of something so different done so, so right.

(There will be a tl;dr summary at the end of the review, but it would be appreciated if you read the whole thing.)
(Authors read more
Sep 14, 2014
I myself am not the biggest fan of the comedy genre, most of the comedy entries these days are bland and generic with no substance that will only get a slight giggle at best. But, Seto no Hanayome is different, it's a unique entry that actually made me laugh out loud on every single episode, which is amazing considering I don't like comedy.

(There will be a tl;dr summary at the bottom for those who don't like to read)

The story starts out with our protagonist Michishio Nagasumi, regarded by most as a useless person that shines in the most useless of ways in useless read more
Jun 25, 2014
Games, we all know them, we play them almost every day, but yet we don't think anything special of them. However, as much as we take them for granted, games have been a major part in human history, whether that be chess matches deciding entire wars to winning millions of dollars and a world title in a competition.

No Game No Life is a world where everything lives and breathes these games, except instead of a passtime, these games decide who lives and dies, who's poor and rich, and who rules an entire kingdom. There is no murder, there is no wars, there is no bloodshed, read more
Jun 13, 2014
"Do the impossible, see the invisible, row! row! fight the power!" OH MY


Aside from that bit, Gurren Lagann is an spectacle to behold and
something I really wish I watched sooner. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is
a fantastic entry in the mecha genre that arguably has some of the most
entertainment value in any anime to date. Whether that be inspiring
speeches from the characters to the over the top action scenes that reach
ludicrous levels of insanity. Overall, Gurren Lagann is an enjoyable ride
through and through.

Story: 8
As many people will tell you, Gurren Lagann read more
Apr 25, 2014
The 4th single from the anime idol group μ's, Mo Gyutto Love de Sekkinchuu, is a Valentine's Day themed music video released on Valentine's Day in 2012. I was not aware of this singles existence until I became a fan of the anime in 2013, a year after this single was released, so I will try to be as unbiased as possible in this review as this was released before the anime aired.

Story: 3
With music videos such as these, story is almost irrelevant/or not explained, but from watching the music video I have only put together that it's valentine's day in Japan and the girls read more