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Aug 22, 2011
I just had to write a short review of this.

It features in fact, 3 different stories: two of the about high school life and more a general slice of life. All of them very sweet with appealing characters, well represented characters.

The art is quite good with very good depiction of emotions.

The BL part of it is very light but I really liked how the author created the romantic tension.
I enjoyed reading it very much and wish there was more to read.
Mar 15, 2010
I only picked this up after seeing the awesome art on some posters at conventions. And the art does not fail it. It's eye candy 100%.
However it is more than just art.
The characters are quite interesting, when you get to know them, which might as well take as much as the entire show.
I think then evolution of the characters to similar to that of the Gundam 00 ones. Takes you an entire season to find out how fucked up they are and the entire second season to warm up to them. Sadly enough, I think the second season of Kuroshitsuji has read more
Jan 8, 2010
I just randomly picked up the manga based solely on looks.
The art is very good. I was surprised to see that it was only the first manga of the author (according to the bio on "myanimelist").

The characters clearly have potential. If this would have been a longer running manga, they would have developed nicely. I enjoyed how the trauma they suffered was visible yet not the driving act behind each one of their decisions.

I found the story to be adventure-ish with the right amount of angst and a nice topping of romance. A well balanced recipe.

Very enjoyable quick read. I will read more