Mar 15, 2010
VioletGray (All reviews)
I only picked this up after seeing the awesome art on some posters at conventions. And the art does not fail it. It's eye candy 100%.
However it is more than just art.
The characters are quite interesting, when you get to know them, which might as well take as much as the entire show.
I think then evolution of the characters to similar to that of the Gundam 00 ones. Takes you an entire season to find out how fucked up they are and the entire second season to warm up to them. Sadly enough, I think the second season of Kuroshitsuji has a different line up.

The story is pretty straight forward. Regardless of the usual amount of twists and turns, there are no jaw dropping revelations.

The sound was, well nothing spectacular. I complimented the series without standing out, which is a good thing.

I did drop this six episodes into it. One of the reviews I read compared it to Hellsing so my expectations were a bit misplaced. As such, the happy end theme and the "happy" antics which composed the first half of the series were a bit of let down. But the visuals compelled me to rewatch it, taking it for what it was, and this time around I did enjoy it.
I would have loved this series to push it a bit. A bit more fighting, a bit more raunchiness, a bit more gritty. They make the jack the ripper crimes and opium dens look totally bland.
Still looking forward to season 2, will pro'lly pick up the manga as well and the rewatch it.
So yeah, watch it. It is a decent series.