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May 9, 2019
This really is completely incoherent garbage. The story makes no-sense, it starts in media res with no information on how things came to be nor about the world the story takes place in. If both the viewpoint character and the reader were ignorant of these things it would work, but in this case the characters clearly have information to make sense of the situation while the reader has none. The plot development is a jumbled stacatto mess with violence slammed up against slice of life comedy leading into pointless tragedy and on the next page theres tits everywhere. It's almost impossible to follow the story read more
Sep 7, 2018
Even for an Isekai this one is pretty rough. The main cast, who as the title would tell you, are all incredibly overpowered before they arrive in a new world and when they get to said new world they just basically fuck it up using their nonsense abilities and technologies. All done with the most juvenile reasons, the lead character, the "Ultimate Politician" is particularly unconvincing. For superhumans they end up in a lot of unfortunate situations, which they dont see coming and then use absolute nonsense to escape from. It's not their power level I have a problem with, its how poorly explained everything read more
Sep 5, 2018
The entire thing is blatant and creepy paedophile wish fulfillment. The main character is repellent. In his "original" incarnation he's a loser who refuses to take any responsibility for how his life has turned out or the misery he inflicted on his family. In his re-incarnated form he is a 34 year old man in full possession of his previous memories in the body of a five year old child who gets sexually excited by and sexually preys upon his "peers" i.e. children. In addition to this he facilitates the various moral failings of the adults around him while manipulating a growing number of children read more
Mar 5, 2018
K&M is almost aggressively average. It is in many ways a victim of its genre. The "isekai" i.e. reincarnated in another world genre tends to have a ubiquitous and critical flaw. The main characters are generally ridiculously (too) powerful. The better ones avoid this entirely or in part, or they account for it and use it as the basis for the story. Unfortunately K&M does neither. Which reveals the shows biggest flaw. A complete lack of tension, there is never any fear of defeat and it robs the action sequences of anything beyond interesting spectacle.

"Interesting" is probably the best word to describe the series, read more
Mar 3, 2018
If I had to describe this series with one word it would be "workmanlike" if you pushed me to two words the second would be "nonsensical." Ultimately the series is what it is, a by the numbers slightly ecchi action series. It's a typical genre piece that does little to expand or flaunt the genres confines. If you enjoy those kind of shows then you'll get a comfortable three or four hours of entertainment out of this. If you don't then I wouldn't bother watching it. The show knows what is is and it achieves its aims, which is perhaps laudable even if the final read more
Jul 16, 2016
Netoge is ultimately harmless entertainment. It'll occupy a few hours and that's about it. It's probably not going to have a lasting impact on your life. But after all it's not intended to, it's a genre piece that sets out to entertain fans of the genre and it does a fairly admirable job of that. Unfortunately that's all it does. It isnt a show that is trying to, or is capable of "converting" people who arent already fans of the now fairly formulaic "highschool comedy ecchi harem" genre. You can of course criticse it for not being particularly believable (it's not intended to be), for read more
Mar 24, 2016
ReMonster started out ok, it was a bit boring but it moved along at a decent pace and the development of the civilisation was interesting. The protagonist got rid of the goblin's rape camp and life generally improved for them. Then within literally three issues it descends into harem group sex and the main character capturing humanoids to turn into drugged up sex slaves to be raped. Apart from being generally repellent it comes entirely out of left field as the MC has spent a big chunk of time removing that system. Its also at this point you realise every issue is the same story read more
May 13, 2014
The first few volumes are quite enjoyable and while the middle volumes do stray from what seemed to be the series' premise (and ratchet up the melodrama) they werent terrible, just something of a departure. But then they decide to introduce the rapist of a 14 year old girl as a sympathetic character, who receives no punishment for his crime, who is forgiven by everyone and who goes on about how he loved his victim. The forgiveness angle would have been bad enough if he had to work for it, but the entire package and the way its presented just makes it feel not only read more
Jan 4, 2010
In retrospect, and because I seemingly have an incurable urge to compare things, Darker than BLACK is reminiscent of a grimmer, anime version of Wild Cards (the books). While there are no superheroics, and even contractors (the super powered characters) are relatively rare, the sheer range of the various powers as well as the odd remuneration that their use demands reminds me conceptually of the jokers from Wild Cards. While on the surface Darker than BLACK is a grim action series it also examines some fairly complex issues, such as what exactly it means to be human. But it does so without the heavy handedness read more
Jan 4, 2010
I don’t think my irritation with over enthusiastic Studio Ghibli fans is any secret and I'm sure I have in the past got into arguments with various people in the pub because I didn’t like Spirited Away and they took offence (rightly enough) at my rather ad hominen deconstruction of Spirited Away's appeal. That’s not to say I think Studio Ghibli's output is bad, they have produced some phenomenal works such as Grave of the Fireflies, and some less amazing but still enjoyable stuff like Mononoke Hime (also as a random factoid a number of the people who went on to create Studio Ghibli were read more