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Mar 15, 2023
Break Blade (Manga) add
War is a state of struggle, in which every person involved in it fights back with both his body, mind and psyche. It has no clean cut definition, on which everyone agrees upon, and nor does it needs - for every single person it has it's own meaning and it brings forth specific sorrow and grief.

As a manga, Break Blade tries to explore just that, using multiple characters, countries and conflicts, and it's runtime it manages to mold up and shape a personal and touching war story, filled with regret, anxiety and pain. As long as that, it manages to be ...
Feb 28, 2023
Nothing in this life is perpetual, and not considering that and taking it into consideration is something we often don't do in our busy and hectic lives. The streets of the places we live in, the people walking on them, the buildings surrounding us, our families and relatives and the everyday interactions we have with them - in a sense, most of our days feels the same, and in this monotonous pace and routine, we often do lose the value of time, and it's implications.

But everything changes once you get a timer, and the deadline of your existence is something that ...
Feb 18, 2023
Hot Milk (Manga) add
Hot Milk, as it's cheeky name, is a work that you can get what you're getting for in the first 2-3 chapters. In a sense I can get why it's Seinen, but in the same way it's not very deserving of it, since it's humor is pretty teen oriented, at best, and while on a conceptual level the setting and character dynamic does sounds fun and interesting, it's execution definitely didn't live up to that.

The story in this manga centers around our main protagonist, who is this laid back, slightly trashy badass of a person, who in a twist of ...
Feb 14, 2023
Mixed Feelings
She is in the Summer is, at it's core, a bittersweet love story that had happened in the past, which in a way could be relatable to everyone. The clumsy, awkward meetups, the pretext to hang out and to share the time together, can be situations we've all experienced and could make us reminisce about our own story, which is the main emotional drive for this work. Following the story, we have our protagonist, who returns to a place in which he was a transfer student, and in which he was able to meet a girl, who he fell in love ...
Jul 15, 2022
Champagne (Manga) add
Champagne, is a peculiar manga. If you've read Bartender, from the same author who made this work, you know what you're getting yourself into. The story revolves around an university teacher who has strong interest in champagne, and throughout the short stories you witness, he strives to help the others of getting over their worries and problems, oftenly by using his expansive knowledge of this liquor, and using it as a metaphor on which he builds upon his viewpoints and solutions.

As far as art goes, it certainly is good enough to present you the stories and get their point ...
Feb 9, 2022
Kekkai Sensen (Anime) add
Kekkai Sensen, is an interesting case. This shows feels like a hotpot of styles, and ideas, which by itself, is something very fresh and novel, compared to the tame and formulaic shows, being churned every year. But then again, I can see why this show can't really fit in everyone's bill of "Something I can like and be entertained from", for the simple fact that it does shows you one very colourful, and vivid entertaining picture, almost like watching stained glass panel, but if you're not really invested in the characters or the universe, or the way it's presented, you can totally take ...
Jan 5, 2022
Twin Spica is a by itself, a simple story, about a girl, suffering through life's hardships, but never swaying away and chasing her dreams. This sounds like story you've heard and read countless times, and a story we've learned what to expect from, in the grand scale of things. What makes this story standing out from the others, is how gently and sincerely it's explained, it's seeped with alot of feelings and drenched with bittersweet melancholia, which makes the experience so much more personal and impactful.

As mentioned above, the story is straightforward, and you can even call it, stale, if you ...
Nov 14, 2021
Flat (Manga) add
This manga depicts the relationships of our main character, Heisuke, with his schoolmates and a kid that he has to take care of after school. In theory, this could be pretty entertaining setting, in which you can have your emotional moments, as well as calm ones, while having the realistic and believable background of a story. Did this manga provided something close to this ? Not really.

Story wise, the start and the pacing was interesting, new characters were added, they had their short cameos here and there, and initially it was entertaining. But then again, into it's mid-point, some characters are ...
Aug 14, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Elhanburg's Angel is a short manga, depicting mostly the relationships between two friends, on of them being the new king, the other being his loyal advisor.The story jumps between being goofy or serious quite often, which is something that will definately be offputting for certain people, which is worth being of note, but I still consider it fine in this regard, even tho I usually don't.

The story by itself is nothing special, and the worldbuilding and it's setting might be the worst part of this manga, since it didn't developed at all, and all that leaves in the reader is wanting ...
May 21, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Gen-ei Hakurankai is a manga, which has the typical traits of a work from Kei Toume, and I do mean this in the best possible manner. The manga is a detective story, set in the specific Taisho era of Japan (1912-1926), is portrayed with absolute detail, when it comes to fashion, design of the setting, as well as it's very subtly reflected in the character's interactions and philosophies, which is an absolute treat for people interested in historical settings.

The story of this work is not it's best part , in my opinion, I do believe the episodic formula works well to ...

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