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Nov 16, 2018
This manga, as it name suggests, "A Blue Fish Scale and the Town of Sand", is taking place in a small, coastal town, a quiet and calm place. And as much as anything in it, the whole manga can really relax you, and let you contemplate about moments from your own past. The whole concept of this work is not really about the end of it, but it's mostly about the feelings and emotions of the small cast, presented in it along their lives.

For it's story, the manga is just 2 volumes, which is relatively short, but I think it's wrapped up read more
Oct 30, 2018
The Cigarette Anthology is a collection of one shot mangas with very wild variety of genres, going from straight up action, sci-fi,comedy, a few romances, and dramas. I think it's impossible every single one-shot to be 10/10 for everyone, because of the vast variety, but most of them were very enjoyable reads.

The story in some were actually amazing, considering the short amount of space the mangakas had, but others were too straight-up and not that creative.

As for the arts, I can say that more of the mangas had their stylistic approach influenced by the mangakas, which is expected. Even so, I read more
Oct 26, 2018
The premise of the manga is good, probably even interesting, which could've lead to some interesting reactions between the charatcters, but the bland execution of the plot kind of spoils the few good bits.

The story is very simple, and short, and if you've seen some shounen manga before, then you certainly won't be surprised. The author had tried to do some world building, but considering the lenght of the manga, it's did not bear any fruit, but that could've been because of production issues.

The artstyle is pretty nice, most of the character design is good and distinguishable between each other, also the read more
Sep 24, 2018
This manga, Trinity Blood, has both cliche'd and interesting premise in the same way - it's portraying the bleak postapocalyptic future after a presumable WW3, from which every country on the world has suffered heavy loses and alterations, and also, on the world vampires had appeared. Therefore the humankind with it's various countries, now labeled Terrans, is in clear opposition to the large empire of the Vampires, calling themselves Methuselah. And with vampires, as a natural cause, the Vatican state had suddenly risen to be one of the top political and influential power of the humankind, a country whose representatives are our main cast read more
Aug 8, 2018
Drug-On (Manga) add (All reviews)
This manga tries to do alot of things at once - to present the reader with omnious and mysterious place, which is connected to our own world as well and which also is guarded by a certain type of superpower users, working by teams of two, and by doing their job, the author wanted to flesh out and personalize these personalities and quirks. On paper it sounds like an okay premise, but the realisation is ... not really that good.

The story is presented in the "monster of the week formulae", which makes the feeling of reading this manga more like a shounen battle read more
Jul 26, 2018
Youhei Pierre takes place in 15th century, medieval France and it shows us a glance of Jeanne'd Arc, one very interesting and inspiring historical personnae, seen through the eyes of our protagonist, who is mercenary ringleader.

Right off the bat the " narrator " is filling you on alot of historical facts about the war between France and England, which is appreciated since you're not left out, wondering what's happening and all. Story-wise the manga is interesting, mostly because it's representing a place and period not common for your typical manga, so that keeps it fresh, and also because the interesting interaction between read more
Nov 24, 2017
So, let me tell you straight off the bat - if you expect original and creatively weaved story, or if you are into more nuanced character building with certain depth, don't look here, for your own sake. Tetragramaton Labyrint is a story about a nun and a small girl, killing hellish spawns on the behalf of the church. It sounds simple, it is told simple, it is not the most creative idea ever. Also the story is not episodic in nature, which I think it coiuld've worked better. Of course, even a simple story can be an exciting and enjoyable read, if it's read more
May 29, 2017
While the premise of the story of Midori no Ou, or Verdant Lord, showed alot of promise of complexity and interesting relations of the characters and the world they live in, it's excecuted in a pretty subpar manner, progressively moving the ideas that made the concept interesting into the gutter, adding more and more action and in general fighting, while also raising the proportions of the conflict in the same way. By itself it's nothing bad, but it leaves an unsatisfied feeling since you can't get much invested in the characters involved, who misses motives beyond their most basic "purposes", set in the read more
Nov 27, 2016
Valkyria Chronicles (The PS3 game which is the source material of the anime) is a piece of art with it's immersive storytelling, humane and multi-dimensional representation of the main, and a certain part of the secondary cast of characters, and with it's subtle way of conveying about the ""two sides of the coin", portraying the lack of solid difference between the warring factions of your ordinary soldier on either sides, all displayed on a background, unraveling the war-torn, even if fictional world of Europa.

And despite it's interesting premise, the anime adaptation of that material "Senjou no Valkyria", crashes down in all read more