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Jul 4, 2015
I went into this movie knowing all the praise that it gets for it's animation. Besides that fact, I didn't know very much about the story or the characters. So I essentially went in blind. I had also heard a lot about Makoto Shinkai. So it's safe to say I had a certain set of expectations before watching. And I'm glad to say that It did not disappoint.


The story follows a tale of a young boy named Takao as he interacts with a older woman named Yukari at a local park. They encounter each other many times on rainy days; both of them avoiding their read more
Jul 2, 2015
All of us have wanted to time travel at least once in our lives. To either change past wrong doings or experience the distant future. But many do not stop to realize the gravity of their decision to time travel. You can drastically change any time period. Here is a movie about the benefits of time traveling; but also the consequences that can come with it.


Our main heroine is Makoto. A generally outgoing and bombastic girl who enjoys playing baseball with her two friends, Chiaki and Kousuke. One day while dropping off notebooks in another classroom Makoto hears a sound coming from the Science room. read more
Jun 30, 2015
I don't know whether you would consider this an anime or not, but if so, then this is an abomination. Not only is the imagery appalling; the music is complete with incoherent lyrics, and obnoxious screaming. The video makes no sense I don't see how anyone can think otherwise. This isn't artistic or an imaginative piece of work. It is a deplorable music video that should not exist. But sadly, it does. And I wish I could un-see it completely. Unless you want to watch this out of curiosity or as just a challenge; avoid it like the plague.
Jun 12, 2015
First off I most comment that Clannad: After Story is my favorite anime and I may have some bias towards it.

Story: 10

This is an example of a romance done right. The story itself is nothing special. The first few episodes have their own in-closed story. Beyond that the story focuses around Tomoya and Nagisa's growing relationship. You follow along as they go through good times and rough times. The real enjoyment from the story is being able to connect with the characters on an emotional level (which Clannad does very well)

Art/Animation: 9

Similar to other KEY adaptations like Air and Kanon 2006, Clannad follows read more