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Aug 6, 2023
Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu or BokuYaba for convenience sake started very cringeworthy.

Our protagonist Ichikawa is a pretty good representation of an edgy middle schooler, while Yamada is a literal model of a middle schooler. BokuYaba starts off very slow with minimal interaction from the main leads. They would eventually interact and shenanigans ensues. Ichikawa as a character is personally very relatable. He's a typical middle schooler with a very active imagination and cringeworthy thoughts. Yamada, while looking very mature is also a middle-schooler at heart. The both of them combined is very chaotic and fun to watch. Ichikawa starts off avoiding Yamada and ...
May 6, 2022
Hakoiri Drops (Manga) add
So I was searching for a heartwarming SoL/Romance manga and I saw someone at r/anime recommend this manga (I owe you one whoever that was). As many before me has said, I feel that this is a highly underrated hidden gem.

Story: 8
I'd give the story higher but it's a damn episodic 4-koma so 8 is good enough. The story basically entails a group of friends going through the years of high school. There's little to no drama and the romance is slow, but it is enjoyable. Everyone got their own story and ambitions. Also the bromance, it's good. All in all, this manga is a ...
Jan 15, 2022
*This review includes the rest of the series, namely S1 and S2*

When you ask me, "What is the definitive modern harem-show which is actually good?", I will point you to this show. This is it, a harem series with actual satisfactory ending.
All the build-up from previous seasons has reached this point, this is the conclusion. I must confess, the story is not complex but has a certain charm to it. That's something you can expect from Maruto's series, though I rather avoid the other well-known one. The story actually has characters with actual gripe and believable problems. Now-now enough about the story, the main charm ...
Jul 3, 2021
One day, you see the title of the anime. You think to yourself, "Damn another incest anime." As such, I wish to nominate the series for most misleading title and most misleading first minute of the anime to this anime. True, this anime isn't for everyone and especially not for childrens. It has over-the-top sexual and fetish jokes. It's there, but it's not the main point of the series.

I wouldn't watch this anime for the story, this is anime you'd watch for the characters. If you don't enjoy the characters, then you won't enjoy this anime

Maybe you have realised since the first 5 minutes of ...
Jul 3, 2021
86 (Anime) add
Absolutely amazing! A-1 has outdid themselves with this adaptation. They didn't skip anything, rather they added onto existing plot points. The story are told brilliantly. It covers a dark theme of racism, slavery, and war. If you would like something truly different, then this is the one for you. Animation is great. While I won't say that the character designs are perfect, it really is awesome. It brings me joy seeing the characters I see in Light Novels move. A-1 kept a consistent animation through the whole series, I hope that the second cour will be as great as this one. The opening, ending, and ...
Jun 21, 2021
WWW.Working!! (Anime) add
Other than AmaBuri. I recently decided to rewatch Working (Wagnaria), but the alternate version. Why? I'd like to say that I am more attached to this series than the original one. Why? Primarily because I like the main couple more. Anyway the story is SoL-Romance-Comedy. It's really fun, but it's a bit jumpy. A-1 did a good job of animating this. I really enjoyed this. The opening and ending is great as always, because the cast sings it hahaha. The characters are the focal point of this show. The development and chemistry of the characters are just gold. I enjoyed this series so much I ...
Jun 19, 2021
One of the old animes I watched but didn't remember. Simply say, I was surprised I never rewatched this. The comedy is brilliant, but the drama should not be missed. There's not much Romance here but there are indeed a lot of character developments. KyoAni adaptation style usually revolves around sticking different chapters of different volume together. For example this adaptation has bits and pieces from Volume 1, 2, and even 3. Thankfully it's still made into a condusive story so that's not that big of a problem. KyoAni is very consistent with their animation and I appreciate it. The animation is always very smooth ...
Apr 26, 2021
Ah Maoyuu, I remember watching this as a kid and now I've decided to rewatch it. The title entails what the story exactly is. There is some highlight throughout the series. Maybe this was skipped from the LN but the worldbuilding was severely lacking, it just didn't feel like I knew the world. The main selling point here is the romance, it's very good. If you're a fan of Fantasy-Romance anime, I'd recommend this. The animation stayed pretty consistent throughout the series. Character designs are also very good. Anyhow I didn't really like the opening at all but it started to grow on me, as ...
Apr 8, 2021
I must say, I am a sucker for military-romance political themed anime. Anyway, the first 20 episodes are very very great. They skipped a lot of things from the novel, but nothing too major. Expect great romance development. The last few episodes are very rushed though. Animation are great, battle scenes are well animated. Character designs also represent what their character are. I really liked the OST that kept playing through the series, I just felt that it fits with every scene. Maybe it's just that epic. This series had some of the most well-written characters, but also some of the worst. Do note that ...
Apr 5, 2021
My most anticipated sequel, only took 2 years. I think they switched up the sequence a bit. It definitely started a bit slow, but it ended very strong. The adaptation failed to capture some of brilliant scenes from the manga or even the light novel. But its certainly isn't a bad adaptation. Animation are fluid and very good. I'd be surprised if it weren't, since its like the only project 8bit worked on for like 2 years. I really like the character designs for newer chracters. Rimuru's stature change after each power up is an appreciated detail. Opening are very great, not as great ...

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