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Oct 14, 2020
One of the animes I actually watched this season. The whole plot is anime Batman i guess, but with more plot twist! To be honest, the plot isn't all that good. It tells the story of a millionaire detective and a fallen from grace detective. There are some plot twists here and there but the major highlight for me were the character developments. The art is consistent for most of the series and has no weird part or lazy animations. Navigator is amazing. I'd hear it 100 times a day. Doesn't sound like an anisong but just fits this series. Characters are sub-par, Daisuke is read more
Jul 12, 2020
The story isn't clear, I agree. But the last few absolutely stepped up it's game. Well to be honest, the story might jump around a bit. But at least it's heartwarming and wholesome. It's basically just reverse Konosuba. The animation is very good, well Cygames tend to have good animations for their games anyway. So that's not a big surprise. To be honest, I didn't really like the opening song. But in the end it sort of stuck with me. Let's be honest here, you know the protagonist is literal hot trash. Nah but really, gotta see the original. But the girls are great. I read more
Jul 2, 2020
Love is War's back! And it's better than ever. The story was as per usual, a compilation of Slice of Life but with developments throughout the show. What stands out the most in this season was near the end, which is Ishigami's story. Although I already read the manga, that part still hit hard. It just shows how unfair the world is. It concluded very nicely.

A1 outdid theirselves with this show. Even though I felt like they sacrificed Nanatsu no Taizai for this, maybe it was worth it. The emphasis on the animations were absolutely genius. When Ishigami shut out other people from his life, read more
Jul 2, 2020
This is a very nice show to spend my time during quarantine. If you have Netflix, I highly recommend you watch this show. If you don't, maybe you watch somewhere else. The story is something I've never seen before I think. I got some Ghibli-vibes from this show. Very nice ending to the story I must say.

The art was very stunning! The character design was very nice. Animation was as fluid as water. I really liked the aesthetics in this show.

Though none of the BGM are stuck in my head. The accompanying BGM was very nice. The song was also very heartwarming for me.

At first, read more
Jun 14, 2020
The story was very decent I might say. There was some plot twist there and there, but it was mostly predictable anyway. I have nothing much to say about the story. The animation was done by White Fox, Re: Zero's studio so I expected it to be good. I was a fan of the art style. The heroine, Zero's art was done by Shimakaze's (Kancolle) artist and I'm a big fan of Shimakaze. So naturally I liked the design. I'm not a furry, but Mercenary was well designed. I love the opening. Period. The voice actors did a great job. Although most of the characters read more
May 5, 2020
The story is weirdly decent enough for me to enjoy. I seem to enjoy survival. I like Homare's backstory. The story was decent with a bit of character development. Though most of the story is just how reliable Homare is. The art was decent at most. A couple of inconsistencies here and there. Though for most of the anime, the art was great. Also, fanservice. I quite like the opening and the ending. For some reason I can't remember any OST in this anime at all. Characters were great. Kinda. Homare is best girl, so reliable and never complains. Homare always try to satisfy her read more
Apr 24, 2020
The story is at most decent. The story was a bit complicated. From what I got, there are three timelines. The story starts out slow but then gets a lot complicated. Most of the story is weird, it involves many high tech stuff that is really unusual. For me, the part that fails is how the romance is essentially non-existent. It's just there. Overall, the story was something new. Something I was able to enjoy.

The animation for me was great. Most of it was smooth. I don't really have any complains with it.

One of the high selling point for me is the great OST. The read more
Apr 8, 2020
The story was nothing groundbreaking, just regular ol' slice-of-life. There are some interesting bits like Ryo's and her grandma but overall it's just regular slice-of-life. Nothing much I can talk about it. The animation was quite terrific, but I must say I hate the close-up when they're eating. There are also a huge amount of random face zoom-ins in this anime which I have no idea why. Overall, the animation was incredibly smooth as expected of Shaft. Albeit with a few inconsistencies here and there. I hate the SFX when they are eating, I don't know why but I hate them. I also wholeheartedly hate read more
Apr 5, 2020
The fourth season of Haikyuu. Story-wise, there are nothing really major this season. I like to think that this season is the part where they focus on character development, we get to see a lot of character development stories this season. This season is sort of a build-up to the main story in Part 2 later.

The animation is Haikyuu-esque like usual, with the change of staffs recently I did not hoped anything, but this season's art is wonderful like always.

The Opening is great, it symbolises the whole of the season. The BGM are glorious as always. Haikyuu always has nice OST.

The characters are great this read more
Apr 2, 2020
Welcome to Shipgirls Fighting Each Other ft. Aliens!

Anyway I was really expecting this anime to deliver since I play the mobile game. But what did I get? Very good animation and a mediocre story. The animation is so good that they need to delay a season. Anyway, I felt that Yostar should have just made Azur Lane into a Slice-of-life. From there they should gradually move into an action story. That's what I feel anyway, instead they decided to do the reverse of it. But I hope Slow Ahead is good. (they need to adapt Queen's Order too). The story is very mediocre, it focuses read more