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Sep 15, 2015
First of all, I can't claim to have read everything, I have seen only bits and pieces from both its anime and manga and I don't know which one is closer to the original light novel, but I'll write from what I have seen since it's still ongoing and very long.

Story: 8
The plot seems to be very silly at a first point, but soon even the stupid "flushing" process gets explained, or at least thanks to Ulrike (which seems to be in the original novel and anime but doesn't appear in the manga?), plot seems to be progressing very well and gets rather serious quickly. read more
Aug 15, 2015
Out of all the anime. manga, visual novels I have read or seen, Pandora Hearts is the one that will always be engraved in my heart and the others as well.

Nothing is stereotyped about this series, there is no lovey-dovey romance for otaku basement-dwellers, instead, this manga focuses on something that has been long overlooked: friendship. It doesn't matter how old one is, its gender or anything else, friendship will always be the greatest form of love and I'm glad the authoress managed to convey this message with such a masterpiece.

Story: 10

Don't let the Tumblr shippers/fangirls fool you, there barely is something that can be read more
Jul 10, 2015
This is just my opinion on the series. Before going full butthurt at your favorite animu I suggest to think about my points.

Story - 6
I didn't generally like the setting, however that doesn't mean it's a very unique setting, the story is very simple, and gets explained around episode 4, anyway, the progression is incredibly predictable, it's so easy to understand which character is going to die, there's barely any mystery after a few episodes.

Art - 7: The animation isn't something you can really complain about, if you can overlook the off-models. It's not the best animation I ever watched but neither the worst

Sound - read more
Jun 28, 2015
I find it odd that while the anime had a lot of bad reviews this manga isn't known at all.

Story: 8
Let's just say that the plot isn't the best I have ever seen, but it has a lot of originality in it, like as other works from the same authors, the fact that demons are actually less evil than angels in the end is one of the points I liked mostly. Even though the series is quite new, it needs more time to fully develop.

Art: 10
This was absolutely, the most gorgeous, magnificent, and most elaborate manga I have ever read, you should definitely take a read more
Jun 14, 2015
I would give to this manga a solid 9 but until I see more development in the future chapters, I'll refrain from rating it so higly.

Story - 9
The plot seems to be childish and silly when you read it, it was very slow and it's still very slow during the last released chapters, but I realized many questions are being answered lately in the newest chapters, furthermore even though at a first glance it will look silly to you, it gets darker and darker.

Art - 8
I won't say it's the best drawn manga I have read, but if you can exclude the "off models" most read more
May 26, 2015
(This is my first review ever, I apologize for being poor in details)
I browsed many times looking for a good anime that aired in 2015, so I gave a shot to this one (haven't read the manga yet unfortunately).

Story: 6/10
I have lost count of how many times vampires were used in anime, and frankly, I see nothing new in the plot, the post-apocalyptic genre is something I dislike but I haven't seen in many anime.
The question is now, WHY does the virus attack only people older than 13? Did I probably miss something while watching it? I would have been happier if they could have read more