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Jun 21, 2016
Art & story: Nagashima, Chousuke
Tag: Big oppai,lactuation, group, hardcore.
Story 8/10
Ota being an the Otaku in 10000 BC involves his mystery journey in the early bc time line and his adventure late takes him to the tribes of the time with him using his knowledge of modern sex techniques.

A manga that has a funny, interesting plot line and overall story that actually makes use of the ero tropes in a useful way that isn't mere gratuitous service which is uncommon in the genre. As the ones that do feel, for lack of a better term "Ero and stupidly obvious"

Art 5/10

The art is average at best but, read more
Jun 21, 2016
Art & Story: Yuuki, Tsumugi
Tag: big oppai,romance,titjob,tsundere,apron,bsdm

Story 6/10

Also know as cohabitation Alliance. The Yuki couple, step brother and sister,Yuki being both their names.

After they first encounter, which ended in a tsundere girl beat down and the second encounter which was each of their parents introducing them and then saying that they are now step siblings, as such zooming off to their honeymoon.Leaving the Yukis along.

So they aren't blood siblings..
hmmm. So let the ero antics begin. xd

Art 3/10

The art is one dimensional, terrible like a school class doodled hentai.but despite that it didn't stop me from enjoying the story and ero moments.

Cast 4/10

All Characters read more
Jun 21, 2016
TiTiKEi (Manga) add (All reviews)
Art & Story: Ishikei
Tag:Incest,big oppai Loli, Anal, tit job,Cosplay,Artbook, colored.

Story 7/10

At best, Ishikei's work is crisp,This manga follows the playful antics of the convoluted love couple of Chie and her Onii chan in their "Various things" activities.

Preety much, a collection of chapters of the two leads, then later some one shots and a mix of heavenly art of all the female characters in the manga, all are just so sweet.

With the artist at hand, you can bet and will know that this is a good story though despite, its general lack of vivid direction or use its obvious use of old tropes in the incest read more
Aug 15, 2015
Art & Story: Azuma, Tesshin
Tag: Ecchi,School,Harem,Supernatural,Seinen,Vanilla
Story 10/10
Pinku de pinku follows the story of our generic(not always a bad thing) lead Sanada Akihito, a student from Yotsuho Academy who is being haunted by the angry spirit of a dead girl.

In the exorcism, his friend itsuki (bad shine maiden in training),did something wrong and a spirit of a hot girl called momo possessed a loli girl from Akihito’s class and now that she has her body,

This means she has worldly desires to satisfy in order to move on to the next life and Akihito just so happened to look like her previous boyfriend!(Hmmm coincidence, i read more
Jul 31, 2015
Art and story: Azuma Tesshin
Tag: Comedy,Ecchi,Romance,School,Seinen school girl, Vanilla
Story 8/10

4 words."horny at first sight".*cough*.Of course, the manga not me xd, Baka.

All the adorkable moments, witnessing the comedy,ecchi filled story is just delightful.

This 9 chapter manga is of a strange yet passionately horny young couple of Honoka and Watase, the cude chemistry between the two is definitely on point as much as the centre of this manga and its various ecchi related plot.

The short story is ecchi at best, "plot and proud" and you just can't help but, weirdly fall in love with the two as they go about their pervy teenage love romance.

It is an read more
Jul 20, 2015
Art & Story: Honna, Wakou
Tag: Drama,Ecchi,Romance,School,Seinen

Story 10/10

Wow this manga,it's a must for any otaku that loves a mature,capricious narrative.

If you are an ecchiologist, this is a sweet manga, filled with detail that often draws you in and is amazing top to bottom.

Kido Tatsuhiko(lucky bastard) moved to Tokyo to attend art school and starts his new life as an art student.

Unknown to him, in his new room, there’s a small peep hole in his wall.(Which is centre of the manga).

As at first, he can see nothing through the small hole, but one night, through the peeping hole, he accidently saw a girl pleasuring herself. (Oh read more
Jul 13, 2015
Art & Story: Hotate, James
Tag: Ecchi,Romance,Seinen
Story 7/10
Following the life of our Amnesia filled, protagnist Akio Kosato as he is known for his skill in creating love potions.

As his life changes when a mysterious girl named Chidori (aka cute rapist with a kawaii sword girl) appears and gives him far more attention than he ever wanted(not,weird at all).

It turns out that Chidori is Akio's cousin and they may be much more to Akio's family than he realizes( as the good old harem route begins).

Pretty decent storyline but,its real fault was not using alot of the good subplot which it could have used and bridged such read more