Jul 20, 2015
TheeAwesomist (All reviews)
Art & Story: Honna, Wakou
Tag: Drama,Ecchi,Romance,School,Seinen

Story 10/10

Wow this manga,it's a must for any otaku that loves a mature,capricious narrative.

If you are an ecchiologist, this is a sweet manga, filled with detail that often draws you in and is amazing top to bottom.

Kido Tatsuhiko(lucky bastard) moved to Tokyo to attend art school and starts his new life as an art student.

Unknown to him, in his new room, there’s a small peep hole in his wall.(Which is centre of the manga).

As at first, he can see nothing through the small hole, but one night, through the peeping hole, he accidently saw a girl pleasuring herself. (Oh ya,xd)

Her name ikuno, A goddess among men, who to me is more like,if you got a yandere and a tsundere to breed and you had a voyuer addicted hot daughter.

And that’s how his new life starts,letting the drama, ecchi love unfold as kido grews as a person in his new life.And understands his feels in the most unexpected of ways.

Its has a sweet anime OVA by the way, which plays like japanese drama with a faithful ecchi art style.

Am not much of a drama manga maniac but, this one is swift and its story did sway me in its themetical stance, with its balanced blend of deep plot and ecchi romance.

And anyone who looking for a good amount of chapters to burn through with a lovable story to enjoy and have an awesome read this one is for you.

Art 10/10

Gentle and seinen in nature with just a dash of ecchi to admire.just enough to make the story come alive.

Ecchi filled,no doubt and its pretty much a "real talk" style, smooth like jazz.

You will enjoy and hv a eyeful because"plot plot plot" can kinda be its the mantra at times in the manga.

From each of the bodious babes to the adult/lust romance scenes that are deep, ever voyaging meaning to the broader plot line and to be fair,its not just gratiutious.That makes this manga lovable.

So Honna Wakou thumbs up to you

Cast 10/10
Everyone was developed quiet well, ya am point blank.Every characters mix well enough to make a sweet symphony of ecchi,romance and drama and keep it in harmony.

And that's is why its a good story,Everything just compliments everything,the twists,turns.kido and ikuno,the tension,the plot,the love,hate,ero moments,the side charaters,the passion and poetry all just have an "ero grace" to the story all together

Enjoyment 10/10

It will make you say:
"I most certainly love it,bless the gods of ero!!!"
You will breeze through all the chapters and you will want,want more.

And Ikuno with touch your soul..

Overall 10 Nosebleeds

Well,No shit xd,but I would make it 11,this kinda manga makes being an otaku,just as sweet.
And ikuno is now my waifu.Sweet sweet ikuno.
Am not ashamed to say,I just got a emotional boner.