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Aug 24, 2017
Aho Girl is a slapstick slice of life that revolves around a stupid (aho) girl Hanabatake Yoshiko and her more-normal neighbour/classmate/crush Akutsu Akuru. I decided to watch this one day as I was browsing idly for new anime. Boy, I discovered a gold mine!

It's fun to watch in every episode so far and I've never failed to laugh in every one of them (the episode on Power Rangers was brilliant!). It's silly to the point it's genius like Mr. Bean.

SJWs might find this distasteful as Akuru always hit Yoshiko whenever she pisses him off (most were quiet and find it funny when a female tsundere read more
Aug 19, 2017
When I watch an anime, I seldom/never care about the art or graphics. But this anime compels me to mention that it has great graphics (at least in my eyes), and the cast of many famous seiyuu in a single series was the motivating factor for me to pick this up, despite the synopsis that screamed 'TYPICAL' as I looked it up online. As bonus, I was delighted to hear Kugimiya Rie not in her typical tsundere voice (I find this rare). But still, this is completely mitigated by the lack of originality in this anime.

It's a slice of life focusing on high school read more
Dec 30, 2016
This is an underrated anime series; a hidden gem. I'm a complete sucker for stories that revolve around people who are passionate in their vocations whether its about war, sports, cooking, friendship, family, and even compiling a dictionary. Fune wo Amu (aka The Great Passage) is a down to earth, realistic portrayal of a group of dictionary editors who are passionate in their job of compiling a dictionary, which is said to be an endeavor that may span a decade.

While it may sound dull, the process of compiling a dictionary and the struggles that go with it will probably open up a new perspective read more
Dec 24, 2016
This series is about a race of immortal humans (ajin) that is persecuted by the human race, and how two polar perspectives on the issue arose from two different ajins, namely the protagonist (Nagai Kei) and the antagonist (Sato). One prefers to live in peace quietly and the other looks at the humans as an ugly species as a whole and desires to kill them for teh lulz.

Visually, Ajin is not particularly appealing especially if you watch in resolutions any lower than 720p. But the story is captivating as it explores the ethical aspects of humanity laden with conspiracies and cover-ups. It is also action read more
Nov 15, 2016
This is essentially Peeping Life parodying Sengoku era's historical figures using fictional anecdotes. The characters are represented with animal and demon caricatures using classical Japanese art which you would understand the associations if you are familiar with its history - they're not random.

It's a comedy that's a hit-or-miss depending on your taste. Since the episodes are horribly short, they either fly past you without any impression for the week or they make you burst into laughter.

I find the animation a bit lacking, but it doesn't bother me as I consider that as a bold attempt at originality. I've no complaints about the plot either read more
Oct 31, 2016
Nobunaga no Shinobi tells about the exploits of a shinobi called Chidori who works for Oda Nobunaga, a prominent (or rather, the most popular) warlord in Sengoku era (16th century). Basically it revolves around the things Chidori do as summoned by her lord.

The episodes are short yet sweet. Characters are in chibi style and as such, it is comedic in nature and viewers should not expect serious historical accuracy in the series. However, those who appreciate Sengoku era history will probably enjoy this series better because they are familiar with the names and the character traits.

The humor is lighthearted and it's rather manzai styled in read more