Nov 15, 2016
TheSmilingShoujo (All reviews)
This is essentially Peeping Life parodying Sengoku era's historical figures using fictional anecdotes. The characters are represented with animal and demon caricatures using classical Japanese art which you would understand the associations if you are familiar with its history - they're not random.

It's a comedy that's a hit-or-miss depending on your taste. Since the episodes are horribly short, they either fly past you without any impression for the week or they make you burst into laughter.

I find the animation a bit lacking, but it doesn't bother me as I consider that as a bold attempt at originality. I've no complaints about the plot either because there isn't any; just comedic anecdotes of random events that (or may not have) occurred during the era. No hard thinking involved, but viewers with a little background in the history would enjoy it better since almost every episode, as far as I know, is based on historical references. It's not an everyone's anime, that's for sure.


1. Manzai-styled comedy. The characters talk and make the point in a single scene.

2. It mostly uses famous historical references so it's not that hard to understand.


1. Too short. Easily forgettable if it misses your funny bone.

2. Animation is rather meh, although unique. It doesn't bother me, but it might to some others.

8/10 overall from me.

Recommended for Sengoku Jidai fans for quick laughs.