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Jun 28, 2020
Gleipnir is what happens when characters go out of their way to make edgy decisions for the sake of edge itself. Here's the difference: A cunning and ruthless person only takes brutal action when it furthers their goals, while a psycho edgelord goes all-out edgy even when it is useless or detrimental to their goals. Not every character is guilty of this, but it is very prevalent, especially among the dime-a-dozen villains who exist to be curbstomped and among other side characters who are quickly forgotten.

Here's an example: A group of people demands another group of people to sacrifice one of their own members as read more
Jun 20, 2020
Yesterday wo Utatte is a combination of mind-numbingly stale dialogue, unlikeable and uninteresting characters, non-existent romantic chemistry, and a hatchet job of an adaptation that shreds the source material to pieces.

The dialogue is so dead and barren that I can barely believe that these people love each other. Or that they think about anything beyond their immediate surroundings. Or that they have well-defined personalities to begin with. For a romantic drama, you need some kind of chemistry between the characters. Well, apparently not here because here we have the characters stand around saying nothing of relevance. That simply doesn't work. No matter how slice-of-life your read more
Apr 15, 2020
"It would leave a bad taste in my mouth."
‒ Ray Starling

You know what, Ray? This anime leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and you are one of the chief culprits. Infinite Dendrogram promises infinite possibilities, but instead we get Ray Starling, a piece of cardboard masquerading as a human being, a robot that gazes upon the world with an empty light in his eyes, an empty husk of a man who delivers the most generic lines imaginable.

"My battle's far from over. You can't stop my pace, my sword-wielding arm ‒ not yet. Not as long as I see tragedy before me ‒ tragedy and read more
Feb 19, 2020
If you want to throw your beret in the air and have a toast to democracy, watching the anime is a great idea, but how about reading the novel as well?

As you may know, LotGH is best known for its lengthy plot that focuses on politics and war, as well as its intense focus on political philosophy, such as democratic theory, legitimacy of government, and theories involving various ideologies. The philosophy and the plot go closely hand in hand, with the latter demonstrating the importance of the former. The world-building is like an encyclopedia and the cast of characters is like a phone book. It read more
Jan 29, 2020
I must be pretty far from the target audience because many people seem to be enjoying this show a lot while it isn't working for me at all, sometimes for the exact same reasons. I had my suspicions when reading the synopsis, but they are not always reliable and people were spreading hype about this. Here is the main problem:

If everything is perfect, then nothing is interesting.

Everyone loves the protagonist for being cute and overpowered.

Everyone is perfect friends with everyone else. No conflict to be seen here. Never have I seen an MMO community that is so perfectly friendly. Even in terms of light-hearted read more
Dec 13, 2019
If you are not yet wearing your beret, maybe now would be the time to dust it off.

One of the side effects of splitting the season into four-episode sets is that I get to review them on their own. This particular set of episodes happens to be stacked with important plot points and dialogue. This is where several premises are overturned. Basically, it means plot twists of pretty big importance, and they also make a lot of sense in-universe. Furthermore, because of the selection of episodes, many of the problems that were present in the other parts are conveniently absent. Pacing is now slower, in read more
Dec 4, 2019
What I expected: a somewhat decent mystery story.
What I got: a largely episodic slapstick comedy.

Somehow I don't think the brutal murders and cheerful slapstick comedy go together very well. It is like they are trying to fit two different shows into one, and the end result feels like an incohesive mess. For instance, the characters may be investigating a serial killer who murders women in a particularly brutal way. Then they proceed to goof around and act in wacky ways around the corpse. How am I supposed to feel here? Amused? Sad? With the tone doing 180-degree turns within seconds, who knows?

Not every case read more
Nov 24, 2019
Trolled. Hoodwinked. Bamboozled. Jebaited.

If you read the synopsis and thought, "This story is about fighting against monsters in an underground dungeon," then I guess I can't blame you. That was more or less my initial guess as well. While I thought that the events would eventually advance further, I believed that at least the genres, themes, and narrative structure would remain at least somewhat loyal to the idea of a conventional battle gauntlet survival struggle. Then I actually started reading further and quickly found myself wondering "What even is this?"

The initial assumption had been reasonable, given the synopsis. After all, that is what it sounds read more
Nov 16, 2019
Nothing brightens my day like a nuclear blast.

Well, actually, it isn't the blast itself. Simply adding nuclear bombs does not make something good, at least unless you happen to be AI Gandhi in Civilization. For the rest of us, it is about how they are used. Death is easy, interesting conflict is hard. You could demonstrate endless slaughter on-screen and still have a boring show on your hands. And the interesting part need not be about the person who launched the missiles in the first place.

Thematically, we have the good old utilitarian moral dilemma. You know what I'm talking about: Would you actively sacrifice read more
Oct 28, 2019
Is there some kind of epidemic of butchering isekai source material going on? Well, here's another example.

So here's the idea they came up with: let's take the light novel and butcher it into an unrecognizable form. Now, I don't usually endorse the "They Changed It, Now It Sucks" line of thought. I don't demand them to follow the novel to the letter, and change by itself might not be a bad thing if the changes were positive. However, that is not the case. Instead, most of the changes were terrible, with only a few exceptions.

First things first: they skip much of the protagonist's backstory and read more