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Aug 31, 2022
Happy Birthday, Eri!

Gundam pilots are known for their young age, but now they are really starting to enlist from the cradle. Some might argue that four-year-olds are too young to pilot giant mecha, but they are only naysayers. The kids gets to experience a fun ride and see bright lights.

There is some transhumanism going on, and evil corporate CEOs don't like that. Maybe it hurts their own business; maybe it is more ideological. They do make partially decent points, but of course they go overboard with their extreme measures.

No complaints about the visuals. They have a seemingly bottomless budget. Whether it is 2D or CGI, ...
Jun 3, 2022
Preliminary (23/? chp)
In Kimberly Magic Academy, nothing bad ever happens.

So let's hop onboard our broomsticks, pick up our wands and athames, and have a fun magical adventure with Oliver Horn and friends. In the school, we learn how to brew potions, fire spells, and wave a sword. Purely for defence, of course. Let's explore the halls of the academy and discover various fantasy environments and magical beasts. Maybe there is even time for broomstick games and cordial sparring. If you are ever in need of aid, you can rely on the kindhearted people of the academy. The mages' friendship is truly inseparable.

...Well, none of the characters ...
Jun 2, 2022
We get into volume 3 of the novel here. This set of episodes contains one of my favorite parts, which is when Yang sits at the tribunal and rebukes their arguments. You see variants of this pretty often. People argue about which should come first: individual liberty or loyalty to the state. Even in a liberal democracy, many people will still claim the latter, even though it is the more authoritarian answer.

Separately, the show also brings up the idea of "liberal imperalism," which in this case refers to rule for the people but not by the people. I would have chosen the wording differently, but ...
Dec 27, 2020
Munou na Nana (Anime) add
Let's discuss a topic people like to bring up: stupid and allegedly stupid decisions by the characters, especially some side characters, and whether this counts as luck, plot armor, or whatever. The answer is nuanced. Much of the alleged stupidity is actually deep ignorance, which is different, and the ignorance has been caused on purpose. It is revealed very early on.

First, a general point: If you follow the full narrative, it is very clear that people irrationally believing in propaganda and other convenient lies is intentional. It is even clearer if you read the manga.

"Humans don't believe the truth. They believe people."
"People believe what they ...
Dec 22, 2020
Munou na Nana (Manga) add
Preliminary (56/? chp)
It was the year 20XX. Earth was assaulted by dark and edgy manga, bringing cynicism and grim moral commentary to the hearts of jaded readers. To counter this threat, they published a light-hearted, wholesome manga: Talentless Nana. Follow the adventures of the kind and heroic Nanao and the lovable airhead Nana as they work tirelessly to help their friends and defend all of mankind. There is even romance in the air and comedic hijinks for good measure. Nana's cute, cheerful smile will melt the icy hearts of critics everywhere. The feel-good manga of the decade.

[And this is where I give the obligatory spoiler warning. There ...
Dec 20, 2020
I generally enjoyed many aspects of the show, but in fairness I have to point out a few problems that are holding it back and many people seem to have missed or overlooked.

1) The evil nobles are extremely evil and in a very obvious way.

2) The schemes and plots sometimes rely on predicting other characters' actions to a completely unrealistic degree. And the characters can perform impossibly accurate deductions based on very flimsy evidence.

3) Too episodic, though this improves later on.

Let's go through these one by one.

1) The evil nobles are extremely evil, and the show makes sure that you are aware of it. They ...
Oct 16, 2020
Youjo Senki (Manga) add
Preliminary (7/? chp)
"Kind Mr. Josef was worried.
The expectations of all who believed in him were weighing on his shoulders.
Thinking only of the people’s happiness, he thought it was time to work hard
at developing the Federation.
Its citizens, spoiled by his kindness, only fell into decline.
How awful!
What in the world is this job?
The answer:
Jun 28, 2020
Gleipnir (Anime) add
Gleipnir is what happens when characters go out of their way to make edgy decisions for the sake of edge itself. Here's the difference: A cunning and ruthless person only takes brutal action when it furthers their goals, while a psycho edgelord goes all-out edgy even when it is useless or detrimental to their goals. Not every character is guilty of this, but it is very prevalent, especially among the dime-a-dozen villains who exist to be curbstomped and among other side characters who are quickly forgotten.

Here's an example: A group of people demands another group of people to sacrifice one of their own members as ...
Jun 20, 2020
Preliminary (12/12 eps)
Yesterday wo Utatte is a combination of mind-numbingly stale dialogue, unlikeable and uninteresting characters, non-existent romantic chemistry, and a hatchet job of an adaptation that shreds the source material to pieces.

The dialogue is so dead and barren that I can barely believe that these people love each other. Or that they think about anything beyond their immediate surroundings. Or that they have well-defined personalities to begin with. For a romantic drama, you need some kind of chemistry between the characters. Well, apparently not here because here we have the characters stand around saying nothing of relevance. That simply doesn't work. No matter how slice-of-life your ...
Apr 15, 2020
"It would leave a bad taste in my mouth."
‒ Ray Starling

You know what, Ray? This anime leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and you are one of the chief culprits. Infinite Dendrogram promises infinite possibilities, but instead we get Ray Starling, a piece of cardboard masquerading as a human being, a robot that gazes upon the world with an empty light in his eyes, an empty husk of a man who delivers the most generic lines imaginable.

"My battle's far from over. You can't stop my pace, my sword-wielding arm ‒ not yet. Not as long as I see tragedy before me ‒ tragedy and ...

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