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Sep 26, 2019
There was same nature of anime this year called Endro, its like that anime but with better comedy.

The whole anime basically revolves around just two characters, and that is lot of burden of on those characters. They have to be funny and show chemistry between them to carry the show. Lucky for us Yuuko (as known as shamiko) and Momo are the cutest things I have laid my eyes on this whole year. The funny moments between them keep the anime fresh and want to make me come back for more, specially yuuko is so funny and cute and momo's laid-back attitude is what drives ...
Sep 20, 2019
What else I can say about this marvelous show that made me laugh and cry in the one episode, this whole series was wild emotional ride(in a good way).

Remakes are rare in any format of entertainment (except Hollywood and especially Disney), but when they happen in anime they are almost welcomed by everyone in this community.This is also a remake of former version of fruits basket which deviated from the manga completely by the end of the show, but this time around author was not swayed by the pressure and stuck to their beliefs. I am glad author was not swayed and not gave in ...
May 11, 2019
Preliminary (6/26 eps)
This is your typical Shounen anime but done damn right.

The story is somewhat new in a sense and character location or setting I would say is also kind of new to me in shounen anime, I am saying this because now days shounen anime always start in a city or suburb areas. Its nice to see this anime start the story from middle of nowhere kind of setting (given this anime takes place in past, its not new but different in my opinion).

The action scenes are jaw dropping and are something you would rewind the few seconds of that scene to see again. Tanijro as ...
May 3, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
Mostly everyone hates back stories of characters when that given back stories do not add anything to the main story or characters or it do not gives depth to any characters involved, same is the case here. Last season also did this but second season added so much to current story and gave weight to ongoing narrative that everyone said that back story was better than main story.

This time around its not even interesting and entertaining and its just boring and its wasting SAKUGA animation. I wanted to know why Dazai is hell-bent on killing himself but no we got see back story of side ...
Apr 30, 2019
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
The only thing this crossover missing is TRUCK-KUN. Jokes aside this anime is doing very good with its characters, which are from different anime, 4 different anime to be accurate.

I really like how they manage characters from different anime and how this anime has integrated them, I liked that Aqua and Ainz have bit of rivalry because Ainz is pure evil and Aqua is a Goddess. I also liking how Tanya is believing that God who she hates passionately is one of the classmates. How can I forget subaru, who thinks that he is back to his daily normal life (lets be honest ...
Apr 1, 2019
Art comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and this anime proves that, it uses clay motion, stop motion and real life video from camera and all kinds of different animations to make you laugh.

This anime may not be for everyone like memes because not everyone the likes same memes, that is why. Our main caste duo is prefect for this kind of anime, they are weird and shown in all kinds of animation styles and still remain funny and relevant which is not easy feat to pull in my opinion. Sometimes papuko acts weird and other times its pimimi who acts ...
Apr 1, 2019
It rarely happens that second season of any anime tops the first season but its not the case with the Mob Psycho 100, because its clearly improves over 1st season artistically and story-wise too.

Mob Psycho 100 is lucky that its not being handled by any other studio then Bones because otherwise it might not have gotten the same treatment that its getting here, any other studio might have changed the director for the second season and all know how well that sits with anime fans. Just look at that One Punch Man's second season's PV, the anime has not been released yet but people ...
Mar 29, 2019
I went into this anime knowing nothing about it, I have not seen the earlier anime from 2000,s or read the novel, but I was quit surprised to find it intriguing and philosophical. And one thing I will say that how marvelously opening of the anime foreshadows upcoming events is is just flawless. Touka rin is the opposite off the Boogiepop, but she (spoiler alert) is the boogiepop unbeknownst to her. She not knowing that she has (spoiler alert) dual personalty disorder makes things even more interesting, because that is why we see two sides of the single person who are nothing like each-other. This ...
Mar 28, 2019
All these years we wanted a good harem series where all characters acted like real people not like some sluts thirsty for that precious heavenly water. And it looks our prayers have been answered.

Its delightful to see a main characters of harem series acting like a real human being for once, because I am sick of seeing aloof harem character or the ones who never get in any relationship from the dozens of girls available at his service. Futaro our main guy is more focused on getting rid of his debt then getting in any relationship but that does not mean he is insensitive to ...
Mar 27, 2019
Its a cute story about abandoned cat who gets adopted by a writer who lives alone, and cat who cares for her owner like a big sister. I like to say that all cats are like that but thats not true, when it comes to me specially. Because my cat never cared for anyone or anything other then food and sleep, but I still loved him a lot(my cat died few years ago, rest in piece buddy).

Subaru the main character is awkward and shy, but we later learn in the anime why he is so shy and awkward and it makes sense in the long ...

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