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Sep 10, 2012
Hagure Yuusha no Estetica, or The Aesthetics of Gary Stu as it's pronounced in English is anything but good.

We are introduced to a main character that for once, isn't your stereotypical shy guy and has the balls to back up what ever is thrown at him. That may start off as promising, but it loses its charm by the 2nd episode. When a character is overpowered at introduction, there's not much direction you can lead the story. So where does the series head to? Tits. I'm starting to think the anime industry's answer to budget restraints is always going to lead straight to female breasts, read more
Oct 22, 2010
They say love can tackle all adversities, but what happens if that love is between a 50 foot girl and a guy who's known to be the shortest in his class?

Super Dreadnought Girl is a shonen manga from Takeshi Azuma, and is pretty much a retelling of the classic 1958 sci-fi film "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" with a new twist via manga-style.

Story - 7
SDG4946 is the story of Mana Emiya, a girl who happens to be 49-and-a-half meters tall due to circumstances, and her ordeals with being humanities last stand against unknown aliens and other supernatural beings whilst falling in love like a read more
Sep 3, 2010
For those new to NTR or "netorare", it is a sub-genre well known in hentai and a topic that can make anyone rage. They are normally found as short literary works where someones partner ends up cheating on them whilst they are helpless. In most cases,you will never see a happy ending as that was never intended from the beginning. So why do writers continue to create such genres? Because there is a market who is open to this fetish, and if its made the reader angry enough by the end of the story, then they've done their job well. So is the case for read more
Aug 17, 2010

For those that don't know what that means, it's apparently cute cat talk and reference to 2010's summer anime Asobi ni Iku Yo. An anime purely dedicated to fan-service enthusiasts who love eye-candy.

With an abundance of cliché anime that provide service in the market, it's pretty hard for people to differentiate whether it's worth watching or passing up(due to having seen its type before.) Whilst I'd normally say the latter for Asobi, I'd be lying if I did as it had definitely caught my attention within the first 2 or so episodes. Asobi is an anime that amalgamates everything a fanboy loves and adds a read more
Aug 11, 2010
Fanboys rejoice as the second season of Sekirei(a.k.a Pimpamon) is now out and I must admit, the direction to which this series is headed can only get better as the "game" mentioned last season, is finally starting to unravel.

Story - 7
For those who had followed the series back in 2008, Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ is a continuation as Sahashi Minato endeavors to 'catch' as many girls as he can to add to his harem collection. For those that haven't seen the first season, I strongly suggest watching the series or else SPE will not make any sense to you(nor this review).

Plot-wise; with the final Sekirei read more
Aug 9, 2010
After seeing the long line of reviews on HotD, I thought I'd say my piece on here to what I think is a "good" show. Not a "very good" show, not even a "great" show, but a "good" show as it is. Of course this may change should the anime continue to be as entertaining as its been so far.

Having come with no expectations, seeing as that ecchi seemed to ooze the moment you watch opening credits(something people should have noticed when they started this series), I was pleased and amused to what it had delivered.

Story - 6
Before I start I believe it my duty read more
Aug 11, 2009
This is my first review, and as much as I will try to stay biased for the reader, I can only write with the mood I am feeling at the time I was watching the episodes.

Well what can I say? What started as a brilliant roller-coaster formula to an inventive sports recipe of basketball, ended up collapsing midway and failing to meet the viewers expectation to what could have been a great shonén series.

Story: 5/10
I've given the story side of Basquash a 5 due to that, there is none. It's your typical shonén anime with sports and mecha(called Big Foots) combined to give you read more