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Feb 9, 2016
Ao Haru Ride--or Blue Spring Ride was an anime that slowed down the pace for me, it made me think about my friendships, my hardships, my memories, my family and in certain cases my childhood (I'm only 15-hahahhaha). Plus I was watching fantasy, unrealistic, action type anime, and that's all I had been watching at the time. So I'm thankful that I watched this.

Story 7/10 (Well let's just dive right into it~)

The story follows Yoshioka Futaba, Mabuchi Kou, Makita Yuuri, Murao Shuuko and Aya Kominato. All high school students, who all coincidentally have weird, teenage problems. We will discover and watch what these problems read more
Jan 18, 2016
Bleach (Anime) add (All reviews)
I will try to cover up/not tell any spoilers! Read at your own risk(s), if there are any...

I remember, Bleach from a long time ago, I was young, maybe in the first grade. Bleach was one of the first, if not the first anime's I have ever watched or seen (Fruits Basket was my first, I think; I was in Kindergarten...). After many years of not watching anime, I finally decided to get back into anime, so this was undoubtedly my first choice onto what to watch (and SAO, but that was an "OK!" mistake I guess)

Heading into Bleach I didn't know what to read more
Aug 2, 2015
Nisekoi, this title makes me wonder, was my love for Nisekoi: fake, or was it not? Well surely it cannot be fake, right?

Before I continue on, if you want a more in depth review then you may skip this read. I will also assume you have watched AT LEAST the first season of this show, and know a little bit of base knowledge for this season so I can "spoil" some of the more obvious stuff.
For those of you who take the time to read this, thank you.

Story 4/10 (Let's dive right into it~)
"Raku and the girls are back! The hunt for the key read more
Jul 31, 2015
Noucome (AKA, Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru) is something I found out to be quite wonderful. But it does have its kinks. "Wait, wait, wait, if it's wonderful why do you have to go on and hate it, and say "it does have its kinks," HUH!?!"
My answer, well it's down below.

Before I start off I just want to say that if you want a more in depth review for this anime, then please go on ahead and skip this read. I do also expect you to have SOME base knowledge about this before you read it, read more
Jul 30, 2015
Ohhhhhhh, Infinite Stratos! How I loladkv----loveevasfdsa-love-hate this! Okay, I'm just kidding I don't actually hate this show, but I am joking when I say I love it.
Season 1 of this show, was well pretty good. (I'm hesitant on actually writing a review on that season) Not good enough to make me go, "OH MY GOOOOOOODNESSS!!!" But more to the point of, hmm, okay let's just watch season 2 of this show, for poops and gigs.

Before I continue on, if you want someone more experienced, and someone more in depth on this series, go right ahead and skip this read. I do also expect read more
Jul 30, 2015
First off i'll just say that, well I stopped this one short, I just couldn't handle it. I can force myself to finish off an anime, even if I do not like that anime, but for this one I just couldn't. Even if their clothes do get ripped off in almost every scene.

I wrote this, from watching the first season, to watching this season up until episode 10, hopefully you did the same, but actually finished this season.
If you want an actual review with the reviewer actually watching all of it (12/12 ep.) then feel free to skip this. For those of read more