Jul 30, 2015
SunZun (All reviews)
Ohhhhhhh, Infinite Stratos! How I loladkv----loveevasfdsa-love-hate this! Okay, I'm just kidding I don't actually hate this show, but I am joking when I say I love it.
Season 1 of this show, was well pretty good. (I'm hesitant on actually writing a review on that season) Not good enough to make me go, "OH MY GOOOOOOODNESSS!!!" But more to the point of, hmm, okay let's just watch season 2 of this show, for poops and gigs.

Before I continue on, if you want someone more experienced, and someone more in depth on this series, go right ahead and skip this read. I do also expect you to have SOME background knowledge so that I can actually, "spoil" some of the more obvious stuff. For those of you who actually read this, thank you.
I have watched 12/12 episodes.

Story 3/10 (Let's dive right into it~)
The story was "decent" not a bad plot, it was sort of "meh." The plot itself doesn't really seem to be going anywhere, for the plot is not really a plot. What I mean by this is, sure the main characters have special missions, there's a group of villains, and yeah they fight and square off with each other to see who is the best, it's just that fan service got in the way. In my honest opinion, everything in this season, felt like it was being brought up too late... Timing is key for a good story. Like the villains being introduced at a good time, but not really doing anything a certain episode/s. And before I go on about the fan service, I just wanted to say that the story takes place right after the events of season 1.
The story and plot got to heavy reliant on the fan service. Now what I really hate about this is that the story was going to be actually pretty good, if you didn't have all this other nonsense going on at the same time. If the creators put in more time and work on the actual story, and got things rolling, instead of making a FULL episode (spoiler, they make an entire episode dumb!), a "Fanserviceode" then things might have been different.

Art 7/10
I'm not usually picky when it comes to animation, but like many anime, Infinite stratos just isn't as good as other anime in it's time. The animation is pretty standard, nothing I haven't seen before. Also with the fight scenes I would have wanted more strategic battles, with cool attacks. Rather than the "BOOM-KA-PAW-WHAM" type of explosion animation.

Sound 7/10
With sound, I'm not that picky either. What I look for in sound, is good opening/s and closing/s. If the show doesn't have these I don't mind, but just make sure to have enough music to not make every scene sound the same. (Which IS did fairly well at.) The music wasn't "amaze-ballzzz" but it was probably the best thing about this anime. They didn't really change some of the osts from the first season, which bothered me, because some of them were bad and made the scene a bit awkward. But at the same time some of the music just fits the show to well, for it not to be in there. The voice actors did a nice job also, no complaints on this end. Although, sometimes I just cringe.

Character 2/10
When I watch anime, I look at the characters and say, "is that someone I can sort of relate to, or even just hang around with?" Because for me anime is an escape from my daily life. So when Infinite Stratos made these characters, I got pretty mad, and then just straight up bored. These characters are ALL so one-sided and predictable, AND cliche. You have the dumb MC, and his harem, not much more to say here...
Like I've stated before this show became HIGHLY dependent on the fan service aspect, so when that happened, the characters all went to poo. There was almost no character development at all for the old season 1 characters, and for the new main season 2 characters, the character development was more like 30% development and 70% fan service. Overall, for the character part of the anime, I got bored, I stopped paying attention when the dumb fan service parts happened, and well I even wanted to skip a certain episode...

Enjoyment 4/10
Okay from what I've been stating, this anime looks grim, hella grim. Don't get me wrong, it is hella bad, but that doesn't really mean I didn't enjoy this anime. Actually this anime got a couple laughs from me, in some scenes I actually smiled and hoped for something good to happen. (KEK) It's just that story/plot and character is all I truly enjoy, sure when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, I love the art and the sound too. But when you strip the 2 main aspects away from me, I feel like this isn't good anymore, it's just there. Sure I enjoyed it, but to a very, very, very limited extent.

Final Verdict 3/10
In all honesty I was actually pretty hyped up for this season, seemingly only to be disappointed. When you ask me or someone asks me, "eyyyy, you know any good anime with lots of fan service??" I'll simply just reply with, "Watch IS." Because that's all Infinite Stratos is, fan service. I'm disappointed because the first season, wasn't this terrible, it was actually quite OK. I simply just hate anime that lose face, and do not use any of its potential and waste it.
I strongly do not recommend this, there are plenty of others that can fill this ones place. But I guess if you are into harems with dumb MC's then this is for you. If you like cat fights with kawaii faces, then this is for you,