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Spookzee Sep 20, 8:52 PM
hey what's up yo, Been alright I suppose just working a lot and looking for a new place to move into, and you how you been? seen anything that piqued your interest lately in terms of anime, tv shows, movies, or some reading material?
BECKK Mar 19, 2:31 PM
No worries, I love your persona
Spookzee Dec 9, 2018 8:40 AM
Yo it’s your bday? Happy bday man! Hope you have a good one bro ✌🏼
Spookzee Nov 8, 2018 8:31 PM (Ghost Stories. The sub is pretty fuckin awful and I think regarded as such in the sub and anime community in general, but the dub is pretty hilarious and is considered by many as the "abridged" version. apparently the creators of the show realized the train wreck of the show and said Eff-it just let the dubbers do whatever so the dubbers did some ad-libbing and my god was it pretty good. a lot of pop culture references from the 90s, such as name drops of Christian Slater, and such. it has a horror tag and stuff but the dub is far from it.) (The Cockpit. 3 different episodes about it's own thing. all revolving around a "pilot in his cockpit". Pretty good stories, although I will say the 2nd and 3rd episodes to me felt a bit racist(?) with how the asian characters were drawn, but idk maybe that's just me. decent 90s art, and I thought the first 2 episodes had decent stories. Maybe the sub was better but I thought the dub was fine) (Interviews with Monster Girls. In a world where humans and "monsters" live together a teacher looks to learn more about his demi-human studens. The word "interview" is used pretty loosely as the "interviews" are more just a teacher looking to learn more of his monster students, but this was a pretty good light hearted feel good story about a teacher looking to learn more about his students, while at the same time helping them out with everyday problems, and trying to help them live better lives. my only thing about this is it comes off as a bit of a harem(?) but I won't get more into that to avoid spoilers. It doesn't get into anything weird though so don't worry about any pedo things as that's not really in this. pretty cute SoL and I gave it a 7.7/10, but because MAL I rounded up to 8.) (Harmonie. Hmmm not really sure how to describe this very short one episodes show, but it's about a guy and a girl who seem to become connected through "music". wont say much more as it's short and I don't want to spoil, but if you're looking to watch something that you can finish before the cake in your oven is done cooking this is worth the watch, at least IMO) (Another quick 1 OVA, show about a "rookie, who is a bit reckless when it comes to saving lives, but seems to work out, he obvously has good intentions in what he's doing but it hurts the reputation of his department, but will he stop? after all he does have a personal promise to not let anyone die while he's on the clock. I've not watched many or any fire movies so I guess this is a bit like Ladder 49, or maybe Towering Inferno. Decent Movie from the late 90s but the art is more akin to early 90s I felt.) (Ben-To. This is a goofy take on the Martial Arts genre. This is a show where Ben-To prepackaged meals are highly prized items in stores, so much so that in select stores, they allow literal fights for them. At a certain time of day workers of these stores put Stickers on these Ben-To packages and depending on the stickers the value of the Ben-To can drop significantly, but the rule is that no one is allowed to rush the table holding these stickers, until the worker has officially left the floor, once this happens, then it literally becomes an all out brawl with the customers on who can get the best, or favorite, prepackaged meal. Decent story, if you want to call it that, ok fights, and pretty good humor.)
Spookzee Nov 8, 2018 7:50 PM
What's up man, how's the work been treating you?

lol oh you don't say huh? *returns plane tickets to Syria* xD

yea, I mean I have some friends who are into backpacking or hiking and stuff and might want to do things like that, but I think they because some have kids, or wives and stuff that they are probably more tied down than I am where I don't have kids, and am kind of sort of talking to this one girl, but from what I gather is that she might not be the type to go backpacking or hiking through Europe, which is kind of lame but on the upside she is more open minded and would go with me to London to watch my favorite football(soccer) team, or visit some really beautiful and scenic places like Venice, Greece, Amsterdam, and other places like that. I don't know for sure as we've very slowly been talking for about 2 months and i'm definitely not the type to right away jump into something with someone and start asking them to go places, or do things with me if I haven't gauged how they are. I don't think she's into anime either which sucks, but she is into "cartoons" like Bojack, Rick and Morty, and Archer, so there is hope yet *crosses fingers* xD

ohh I want to go to Ireland too. I'm not sure if I want to go to the Northern parts of Ireland more than I want to visit the southern parts like Dublin and stuff, but if I'm there it might be a "what the hell" kind of thing. Hmmm never thought of using those Euro rail passes, nice suggestion I'll have to keep that in mind for sure. If/when I do go and we still are communicating i'll for sure have to send you some pics on here probably through PM and kind of share the experience.

hmmm well for comic con, there are a good amount of hotels that are literally within walking distance some so close it's like as soon as you leave the lobby to go outside you can see the entrance to the convention center, but i'm sure those are more pricey, so if possible I would say get those well in advance if you can, maybe 1-3 months in advance as I hear that the hotels kind of inflate the prices (unfortunately) and capitalize on the Cons goers, which IMO is kind of F'd up but that's corporate capitalization for you, kind of like how winter items go up in price during winter but fall drastically in summer. As far as which hotels to stay in, well that's more of a "you" thing since it would be based on your budget and of course how far you want to talk but there are Hotels like Hard Rock, Hilton Gardens, Lucky D's, The Marriott, Sheraton, Westin, Wyndham, and the Omni, also one of those Hotels (I forget which one since I've not lived in San Diego for about a year now) does have a pretty nice Rooftop Lounge that's also relatively close to the convention center so you can also get some Bevs there once the convention is over. As I said I can't really give you personal Reccs since I've lived in San Diego and have family in San Diego so when the convention is going on I had/have a place to stay for a few days at my moms or grandmas so yea. When it comes to "how to" experience it I'd say maybe get the full weekend pass, if you can, so that you wont miss anything, or can see things you want to see and I'd get the all day pass too as lines can get pretty damn long and if you get half day pass or whatever you of course have a higher chance on missing out on things you might want to see. I wanted to see the cast of the first dead pool at comic con but I didn't get the all day pass and arrived a bit late because I was waiting on friends so we didn't get a chance to see them and I was a bit bummed at that. I'd also take lots of pics, try seeing all the booths that you can, and don't be shy if you see a famous or semi-famous person there and ask if you can take a pic with them, but I recommend that if you do to have your phone ready in camera mode as i'm sure these famous people have a ton of things to do and can't be waiting for everyone to unlock their phones and get to camera and yea, as far as that, I just kind of scooped out the rest of the convention center, took some pics with cos players, a lot of really cute girls to take pics with too lol, and I low key looked for places that were giving out gift bags and stuff lol but all in all I think you'll have a pretty good time and have fun. Also after the convention center there are a good amount of delicious places nearby, again in walking distance, that you can go to and enjoy a meal at or have some drinks, so there is also things to kind of do after the days is over. Sites outside of the convention center you could check out are the Museums in "Balboa Park" which are pretty cool but personally since I've seen them a ton I used to just wait till the museum of torture would come into town and check that out, but themed museum kind of comes once every few years or something. you can also check out little italy, which is pretty nice, Old town, and of course some of the beaches near by, all for free which is the best part lol, you can of course check out or do other things if you are willing to spend money. Other than that I think that's all I can give off the top of my head right now but if anything else comes to mind i'll let you know, besides all that I'm sure you'll have fun, so just go and have a good time, maybe take a date, or a friend or two and make it that much more fun!

Yea, I mean once my "watch list" is completed, which I don't think will be for a pretty long while as it just went back up to about 150 shows and like 30 movies (LMAO), is when I'll watch seasonal shows, but like i've said many a times, I kind of prefer to binge my shows (watch like 4-6 episodes, sometimes more on the weekend) than to watch 1 episode and have to wait for a while for the new episode to drop, and it's worse since i'm into Dubs and dubs take that much longer to drop, but I might have to check out that Black Jack one, I've always had a bit of an eye on it but I guess seeing those OVAs and semi long list of episodes kind of was a bit off putting to me so I just left it and kept it in my mind to be one of those ones where once my watch list is completed and if the seasonal shows at the time are trash than yes I'll watch longer episoded shows, like Rose of Versailles, and that Galactic heroes one.

Ok I've wanted to watch those Gundam shows you just listed the 0080 war in pocket one and MS team, but was kind of iffy on them. with that being said what original gundam show are you talking about? is it literally just the Gundam one or what? sorry if that's a dumb question, but I honestly have no idea where to start with gundam, and wikipedia and MAL doesn't really help lol. I've watched Iron Blooded Orphan, did that tie into the original or was that something on it's own? Also, Also, on my Watch list are Unicorn, 00, and 0083 stardust memories, are those tied into the original, or can I watch those and still get the full story without missing and major context or plot things from previous Gundams?

well I guess you kind of answered my question on unicorn lol, so I just now went ahead and added those ones you recommend to watch first. Thanks for that!

Well I hope you like Ergo Proxy AND Cutie honey as I really enjoyed both. I agree Cutey Honey did come off as a trigger show and I really loved the animation and how "bright" and vibrant the colors were and how they kind of popped, like the blues, reds, pinks, yellows, etc. plus it has like this... idk... "goofy-ness" to it that I also enjoyed like how the cops looked, and some other things, I think it's the best version out of all the cutey honeys, so you're good with only watching that one.

yea the OVA for Black Lagoon... some things didn't sit right, but it wasn't bad at all I think it was just the pacing, or "forced" pacing of things. I but Black Lagoon overall for me is about a 9.6/10, I think the 2nd season for me was the best as it had great action, and did the politics of the underworld really well with Yukio and her clan and Balalika manipulating everyone to get all the clans destroyed so gain more power and spread her reach and power farther outside of Roanapur. The 1st season comes in a really close 2nd, but I think the the transformation of rock from the 1st season. to the 2nd is why i enjoy the 2nd more. it wasn't that drastic of a change but he did show more balls in confronting blalika, and taking a bit of an initiative with saving Jane (the counterfeit girl), and Yukio when they go to the bowling alley.

Ohhh really Lupin has that bebop void filling feel? Now i really have to check that out. Funny enough I think I saw that forum a while back and couldn't help but think how you would probably be the best person to help answer this question and sure enough You DID lol my man. Only thing with lupin tho is it seems to have a ton of episodes but I'll have to take that forum into mind and definitely save that and get myself into that franchise as that's yet another show that I've always wanted to watch but once again the amount of episodes were kind of what made me sort of not want to put it on my watch list and maybe save it for when my list is done and i could potentially go back, but I think regardless i'll add it to my list and maybe be one of those shows I can sort of binge watch while I watch other another show. lately i've been "binging" 2 shows and keeping it around 7 episodes a day all together so like 3-4 of one show and the rest that adds to 7 of the other.

Yea i'll have to look at your list and see what you haven't watched or don't have before I can recommend you stuff as I tend to recommend stuff to other MAL users who seem to have watched everything, and I just recommend to them things they have either watched, will watch, or are currently watching lol.

yea work is a bit better, thanks for asking. I think i should be able to respond quicker now.

also I watched Mellowlink and man was that pretty awesome. I loved the 90s art, and how pretty badass the MC was, definitely a thumbs up on that Recc man GG! lol
JokerVentura Nov 7, 2018 4:43 PM
Thanks for the reply.
I'm eight episodes into part III and I know what you mean with episode one, it was off putting, but I've decided to finish it all so it gives me a better understanding of Lupin's past. I have high hopes for part II, so I'm glad you praised it, I'm looking forward to it.
Yeah, I didn't know either, just checked out your review and enjoyed it too.
I really hope we get a Part VI too. Maybe fitting a few other European countries in could be cool. Lupin in Spain, Greece, Germany and the UK would be cool. I kinda wanna see him in a new jacket too, I'm leaning towards yellow. I also love to see a worthy rival throughout the next season too, rather than a new female lead. I loved Ami, but I also really enjoyed the Albert dynamic and would love to see a tough adversary appear. One without the morals of Zenigata, who could give Lupin a hard time throughout the season.
JokerVentura Nov 7, 2018 3:41 PM
I've noticed your watching Lupin III Part Three, which I currently am too and wondered what your view on it is?
Personally I feel the character designs are iffy and probably the worst from what I've seen and Zenigata seems to be very one note.
JokerVentura Nov 6, 2018 2:17 PM
I actually haven't watched Part 2 yet, I'm currently on Part 3 and leaving part 2 for last.
You definitely have delved into Lupin a lot more than me, so thanks for the counter points, I found them interesting.
I would add after looking into it Osumi actually was fired for blank out refusing to make any tone down changes, so I personally don't feel he would have ever made the changes you mentioned. The changes in Voyage to Danger could have happened possibly only because of the firing experience, things like that can make you back down on your pride, but that's just my opinion. I know he was Monkey Punch's favourite director, but personally I just didn't like his episodes.
The Fujiko rival angle I mean was that Lupin seemed to just put up with it and never seemed to treat her as a rival until the episode I mentioned, so it seemed not to see her as one, where as over the years she has proved to be a worthy rival.
Also I don't think Miyazaki/Takahata were 100% the reason Lupin has become what he has, they were just the first the add to it and others have added over the year. I see Lupin being similar to Batman, what he started as has been added to over the years, to make a better version.
Spookzee Oct 24, 2018 4:33 PM
Damn you missed going during war times? I bet that's when the vacation spots were really poppin lol jk

Yea If I were to go to the middle east it would definitely be Dubai. I want to visit the Burj Khalifa, plus if I also get arrested in Dubai I would probably (hopefully) end up riding in one of those police Lamborghinis lol

yea man you're pretty lucky. I can probably travel but one, I don't have anyone to travel with and I'm not really the type to travel alone especially if it's over sees. I know some people can do that, but most people I know that do that do it for business trips and stuff and not really to go on vacation. I would ask some friends if they wanted to go but they all have their own lives and stuff and significant others so it might be a bit more harder for them than it is for me. Oh nice man, I want to go to places in Europe and stuff so thanks for those recommendations, If I get the chance to head over seas soon then for sure those places will be on my travel list. I would like to go somewhere with cheep but good beer and good lodging for decent prices. The only places I had in mind were probably going to be more expensive, places like in Italy, Greece, Paris, etc.

Bro, thanks for all these suggestions man, damn. I've looked into some of these and for sure going to have to take advantage of these apps and places that you recommend for reading material and stuff.

also if you do come to San Diego comic con just make sure you find a hotel early on as the prices skyrocket. I was lucky enough to have lived in San Diego and didn't need to pay so much for a Hotel.

I heard of that black jack show. I want to watch it but the amount of episodes is a bit off putting to me. Idk if I told you this but I sort of like (or try) to keep the shows I watch at least 35 and under, but there have been some shows that I've watched that have 50, such as some Gundam shows, and I've watched one with 100 and that was the You're Under Arrest show which with everything came out to about 100 episodes or just a little over or under.

Yea Rock is very interesting indeed. I agree about his expectations and all that. I think I really liked him the most in the OVAs where he took what was dropped on his lap (how The lovelace child asked for his help to help him bring roberta back to him) and did pretty good with that, I did find it a little unrealisitc with how he became such a devious master mind to where he literally had a plan for everything as that wasn't really shown in the 2 previous seasons, but I kind of just over looked that and gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe he did have that in him but never was given the chance to show that until those OVAs.

yea I did watch Tonkotsu Ramens, I felt the same way, that there were a bit to many characters to get invested in but the action was still good, I gave that an 8/10 but if I could give it a real score it'd be more like a 7.6/10, I just round up.

Yea I enjoyed Ergo Proxy, I hope I didn't spoil them for you as I could have swore someone with your variety of taste already watched them, plus I thought I saw them in your list, so yea ix nay any potential spoilers about those shows. Dammit I hope I didn't drop the ball on that one smh.

well I feel you're taste is almost aligned with mine so I guess by that reason alone your taste is pretty good, cuuuzzz that's how that works lol

Well I liked Lovely Complex bc of what I told you and the other romcom I liked would be Love Chunibyo, and other delusions, about 2 young kids like Jr. high who are attracted to eachother because one is trying to run from his "childish" past and grow up, and the other want's to remain said "child" as that's her security blanket and she knows not much outside of that. I liked that show because how "cute-sy" and light hearted the romance was.

if you like short OVAs you should check out RE: Cutey Honey, which is a reboot from the original Cutey Honey show (considered one of the first magical girl shows) I really liked the art and animation in the Reboot, I enjoyed some of the Humor, it does have some ecchi and slight shoujo-AI to it as the MC comes off as a bit Bisexual, but I liked it because of aesthetics and animation. I feel that is more of a niche type show but I hope you get some enjoyment out of it even if it's not as much as I enjoyed it.

sorry for the late reply, work has been annoying and long lately -.-
KurtVanDuran Oct 22, 2018 9:43 AM
i got interested in OVA's from the 80's and 90's not long after first getting interested in anime, a fair few of the early titles i checked out were dubbed in the U.K and some anime tv series i had been fond of were dubbed in Canada, it made me wonder what releases the anime fans in other english speaking nations got, so i began looking into it.

England and Canada have made a good hand full of dub's over the years , Australia as far as i can tell only ever dubbed one anime (Future War Year 198X), South Africa has been the most interesting and the hardest to research possibly because of their troubled past, the one i found most interesting was their dub of akage no anne made during the 1980's and broadcast by the SABC during that time, Soul Frame Lazenca was also a unique show broadcast in sa during the early 2000's ( though the latter may have been dubbed by animax, i have yet to figure out were it was dubbed though im fairly sure it was either south africa or the animax asia group ), and a pretty large number of anime have been dubbed by animax in southeast asia. some of the very early anime like speed racer and astro boy and such brought to america in the 60's 70's and 80's i find rather interesting as well... the anime community in the us in the decades before i was born interest me as well.

ive seen some of votoms some years ago and have been meaning to check out mellow link for some time, so i most certainly will check it out. ya 08th ms team is a very good installment of the gundam franchise.

how was crusher joe? ive been meaning to check it out for some time.
Spookzee Oct 21, 2018 1:09 PM
What's up bro! No it's all good we both have lives so I get that you might be pretty busy to reply on the spot. I was kind of like that this weekend but since I got things taken care of before my Sunday is well over I'm finally able to do things.

Oh nice. What places in the Middle East did you go to? I really want to travel overseas. I've never really left North America. The places outside of the states that I've been to are pretty much everywhere in Mexico and the rest are just places in the US, places like Boston, New Hampshire, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado, but I really want to visit Japan England, and Europe in General, and probably even some places in the middle east, although i'm not a big fan of extremely hot weather.

Actually growing up I was around my Hispanic side of the family more, since my dad got sent to prison for pretty much my whole childhood. so from age like 6-20. My mom is the Mexican and I was brought up on that side more than my dads side, as my dads side of the family are scattered all around the US anyway.

lol yea, people always giving me flak and shit for going to sites that aren't crunchyroll or some paid site that allows me to watch anime, but like you say, there just simply to much anime to support it all so I of course have to be more specific in what anime I want to really give my money too and so far it's not been that much.

I've heard of that Tachiyomi site or whatever quite a few times from friends and other people so I guess i'll have to go that route. The only place I know that has "cheap" manga and LN is RightStufAnime, but from what I see they aren't that much cheaper compared to some other major places like Amazon and stuff. and they don't seem to have that large of a selection which sucks, as i've seen some anime have LN and Manga on other places and that site they don't have them.

hmmm that's a very interesting take on the weaker characters. I kind of dig that way of thinking about it. very "outside the box" thinking in a way. Most people including myself obviously gravitate away from those kinds of characters. Even tho I try to keep an open mind, sometimes I just cant keep it open enough to enjoy weak characters that show no development or don't bring much to the table. If/when I come across another character that comes off as whinny and weak, i'll have to keep what you said in mind and hopefully be rewarded with a better payoff because of a changed mindset. Very interesting man.

Yea for me Rock wasn't thaat much of some whinny wimp. I mean yea he does come off as scared and a bit frail up till about the episode where he gets fed up with Revy and kind of confronts her and lets her know that he won't be taking her shit anymore. That kind of "weak" MC is do enjoy, but i've seen other MC that just stands there and takes whatever is thrown at them and never seem to try to fight back. it's like they are just too submissive and seem ok with that in a way. Rock on the other hand was but he soon turns out to be what he himself probably didn't think he'd be.

Yea I like Cyberpunk for about the same reasons. Growing up in a society that gives them, for the most part, everything at the touch of their hands, or where it seems like everything is extremely convenient and as you say things are readily available for them. I think what I like about cyberpunk or most cyberpunk is that the MC almost always seems to be conflicted with themselves on certain ideas, and how they should go about things. take Re-L Mayer from Ergo Proxy, at first she want's to capture, understand, and stop the Main Proxy, and figure out why Vincent Law and the proxy are connected and because of this she goes against everything she was taught, and kind of goes against her "by the book" attitude to befriend Vincent Law and try to understand the world around her she thought she knew. Battle Angel Angelita isn't so much about confliction but rather self discovery and I thought that this was done well for the most part, and Mardock Scramble is another good cyberpunk, I would recommend if you haven't watched it already. I also like cyberpunk because I just love that type of worldly setting, plus when they use those shades of blue, purple, and off pink, I just think it's really aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Yea I really enjoyed Black Lagoon (obviously) and Jormungand, sucks that it's a bit hard to find stuff that come off the same way. I guess that's why when I really am looking for anime that are about the same I usually just give those two a rewatch as they are both enjoyable to rewatch anyway.

I literally added all the anime you suggested after reading the synopsis and seeing the tags, literally all of them have caught my attention despite some of their "low" scores, but I try looking past that and giving things a chance as long as they are done well. I know not everyone enjoys the same things so most of the time the low scores are given because the anime has a certain niche that doesn't go with everyones tastes. thanks for those btw they all seem really interesting and I look forward to watching them.

I saw that you were watching Mellowlink and that too caught my eye. you seem to have a interesting eye for anime man. good taste.

I'm sorry I went through my list and I honestly couldn't find much or any anime that I would soon recommend to you as you either have seen the anime I wanted to recommend or that the anime might not be to your taste, at least I haven't seen much outside of the badassery anime you've recommend so It's hard for me to just say hey check out this anime. I wouldn't want to tell you to check out Lovely Complex because I thought it was a pretty adorable light heart-ed romance about two teens who at first make a pact or whatever to help each other find dates as the guy is short and the girl is tall but they eventually realize that the all the times they where trying to help out each other they grew on each other and a relationship starts to develop. My taste, idk if I told you this, but is pretty much all over the place except for watching stuff like Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai, and poorly done ecchi (which is pretty much almost all echhi based off what i've seen) but If I do find something or watch something that you haven't yet then i'll be sure to give you a rundown on it and maybe give you something new and entertaining to watch, until then i'm sorry to say the recommendations might be a one-way street kind of thing lol
KurtVanDuran Oct 18, 2018 9:02 PM
love the username mate, and cool fav's
Spookzee Oct 17, 2018 9:44 PM
well its seems that by judging by your name and your current PP that you were at least a little bit into OP lol oh are you really? so you're family is but you're born in DC? nice man that's cool. I don't think I know anyone that' has Somali blood in them maybe middle eastern but definitely not Somali. I'm half Mexican half Irish born in southern California.

yea I mean I honestly do feel a bit bad when i watch stuff on 9anime or if i can read manga on some free site but it does cost money to buy something for EVERYTHING i watch so I can't do that and like I said I wouldn't have a place to put the manga, and i'm not about to start building manga towers like you sometimes see in a MCs room in an anime. sweet i'll check that app out. the last place I was trying to read manga on just seemed pretty sketchy as I had a lot of ads of a popups and those annoying porn banners on the side.

Ok I see where you're coming from now, sorry for the needing ofd clarification as I wasn't to sure what you meant. I was a little suprised that they never really talked about how Ainz got stuck in that world. I hope that when/if more seasons come out that it's talked about and some of the things you mentioned or other stuff can be explained or fleshed out.

mmm you're more nicer to the weaker characters. I mean I see what you're talking about, another thing I really don't like is when a show goes back and fourth on if an MC should be strong or weak. I forget what show it was but there were moments where the MC was tough and then gradually comes off as needed to much help, so much so it's like he'd be lost without whoever's helping him. I get sometimes it's for the story but when it's done in an annoying or terrible fashion, or the way I just described. idk that kind of bugs me a little lol. it's like You can't be a bad ass some of the time and other episodes come off as whiny or like "idk what to do". I think that's what I liked about BL was that Rock came off as a little bit of a pansy but when he was with Revy he started to become more "tougher" and maned up a bit, even to the point where he challanges Balalika. something that's you don't easily do and get away with xD

what about cyber punk do you like the most? i'm always interested to hear peoples reasons. I like crime fiction too. I want to see more good shows with that theme. you know any?

and it's all good man lol that gibberish tho

sorry for the late reply i'm just watching some anime with friends on Rabbit rn, but yea just hit me up anytime bro whenever you can. you're a very cool dude to talk to, very interesting and articulate.
Spookzee Oct 17, 2018 5:18 PM
yea same. I don't hate on any art style as long as it's not ugly to look like *cough* XXX-aholic *cough* idk to me that art style looked weird, like every looked like some weird giraffe looking people. kind of like Shiki but worse imo.

haah yea The Professionals story from what I remember didn't leave much of an oppression on me other than the fact that it had some pretty decent action sequences and I felt, like you said, was a watch for the experience if anything, and as someone who sees anime as a hobby that I very much enjoy, so much so that i'll pretty much watch or want to watch all kinds of anime as long as it's not like yaoi, yuri, or straight up hentai. I'm just an anime affectionist at this point.
I see where you're coming from. Yea watching a sub where people are supposed to be from any other country outside of Japan can be immersion breaking, but even then i'm still the type that if it's in a Japan setting with Japanese people, I'll still watch the dub, as long as it's not terrible and the voice cast do a great job then i'll watch it. I guess I just prefer to hear things in my language so i'm not always reading and I can appreciate the visuals that much more. There were some shows where the VA were pretty strong for a setting like this but I did find the sub to be better, as there were times where some voices just didn't fit or sit well with me. I guess I prefer dub because either way good or bad (hopefully not too bad) I just prefer to hear accent's. something that's harder to do when you're not native to Japan. I'm not even sure if there are accents but if there are I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between someone from Tokyo to someone from Okinawa, where as in dub you can tell if someone is speaking with an accent like a russian-english accent, german-english, british, or even here in the states where you can tell if someone is from the west coast, east coast, or somewhere in the middle or the country, plus dub has come a long way from what it was and people actually give it their best, try, and sometimes have fun with it like you say with space dandy. Also speaking of space dandy I think that's another reason why i prefer dub as the humor and other things are very different than in sub. you go watch that episode of Space Dandy where they go to Planet Trendy and the narrator is just so damn hilarious in the dub far more so than in the sub. same with Black Lagoon, while both sub and dub had a great cast, I felt dub brought more "personality" to the table especially with the banter with Revy and Shenhua or how Revy would address Balalika as "sis". something she never did in the sub, she actually seemed more respectful in the sub which is something that I found a bit off since Revy is all opposed to authority and kind of detached from humanity. dub all the way xD

so when you say the "external factors" when talking about character choices I'm guessing you're also speaking of when the MC needs influencing or something from their supporting cast because their to much of a pansy to do things on their own? that type of MC the weak type of MC is one of the types that I hate the most when it comes to anime, i'll still watch and finish the anime, but damn when I see the MC act weak, need others to carry them, or are always complaining, but for stupid reason it's just very offputting to me. kind of like the MC in Witch Craft works if I remember correctly.

I think my bias genres or however you want to call it would be some sort of post apocalyptic or dystopian, cyber, steam, and biopunk, and the dark underworld culture so things like cartels, triads, mafias, and some darker government agencies, if a show has this it might automatically get a decent score which can get better depending on the characters, and plot with all that other stuff I wrote about earlier.

Yea I wanted to like Overlord but damn, every seemed really horny and I felt that ainz was kind of an asshole at times lol.

yea speaking of that music thing there were some shows where it would have been better off without music and they put music but it seems whoever was in charge of the music picked the worst type for whatever reason, like they were trying to be edgy or just troll the audience, because damn, hearing an electric guitar or something over a scene that's more somber or sort of sad/dark just breaks the scene. Idk if you ever watched the first Brolly movie from the Dragon Ball Franchise but there were some scenes with rock music, and it just did not fit at all lol.

if you like where plot and some exposition is told via visuals you should watch Serial Experiments Lain if you haven't already. I really liked how they used some imagery (I don't want to say to much so I don't ruin the experience) to tell you what is going on with the character or the world around the character.

Im guessing you're talking more about manga and not regular books in general right? i've been wanting to read more manga but I just don't have that much space and I wouldn't know where to put it all, plus i'm not about to start building manga pillars in my room, so I was wondering do you know of any "safe" sites that I can read manga for free? I do try and support the shows I really like by purchasing their Manga or merchandise, but since I don't have a lot of room it's only very select shows so far, which sucks because I'd love to read more manga based on shows that I enjoyed like Alderamin on the Sky or something.

ohh dude this is a great list. The only one on that list that I've seen is animatrix which I really really liked, especially the episode where it shows you how it all started, and the last one with that girl that looks like she's from the Aeon Flux universe. I literally added all these just now. I really liked how you put them into perspective too lol Cyber City caught me because I love the Blade Runner movie, AD bc I did enjoy the original bubblegum crisis, that Goku one bc like you said "steve blum". that Mega one sounds like an experience I would enjoy, and I like how Crusher joe is part of the dirty pair universe as I thought that show was pretty decent, the original to me was a bit better than Flash but I still enjoyed a bit how flash turned out to be. i didn't find it to be terribly bad as other people make it out to be.

these are great Recommendations. much appreciated man. I would recommend you some stuff but looking at your list I don't think I'd have much to recommend and if I did I don't think it would be something you might be into lol.

glad I didn't as i'm not able to really go back and make sure what I wrote wasn't just nonsensical ramblings xD

when I first saw your name I just assumed you were someone who liked OP and if you are you aren't like most people who are shounen fans, you really seem to have a diverse taste which is a good thing. I find it kind of hard to talk anime with people who are only into SoL, battle or the current overhyped shounen, or romance, as it seems they would just care to speak on those genres which kind of gets boring. Not to diss my friends who are massive MHA, HxH and Naruto fans but still lol

so with all those shows and genres under your belt are there themes or genres that you have an affinity for? like me and my "-punk" shows ?
ThatRazorGuy Oct 17, 2018 1:07 PM
Duude I just wanna say that you have one of the best usernames on the site lmao.