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May 9, 2019
Mixed Feelings
First, Saintia Sho is a good series, very accurate and absolutely recommended for fans of the classic series. However, this applies to the MANGA, not to this anime adaptation, horrible, skimpy and twisted by Toei.

The anime of Sho is not the manga of Chimaki Kuori, it takes the bases and some characters, but diverges in many aspects, and also tries to give a conclusion to the war, when the story in the manga goes on for much longer.

All this to say that, whether you liked this anime or not (in my opinion worse than Omega), do not exclude the manga of Sho, because it is ...
May 8, 2019
Soul of Gold, a series that in my opinion is quite undervalued. It's not the original anime, but it's pretty clear that it's hard to get back on those levels, especially with Toei. SoG is not great, it was clearly made to sell new action figures, but among the Saint Seiya anime of the last... 10 years, it is probably the best (excluding the animated adaptation of The Lost Canvas, which was done by another study, TMS).

Of course, when I saw it for the first time, simultaneously with the worldwide broadcasting, I was a little disappointed, certainly the story could have been better developed ...
May 4, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (118/123 chp)
EDITED REWIEW (the manga ended with chapter 118)

*contain SPOILERS*

I think many fans approach this series hoping for a continuation of Episode G, where there was a war with the titans, and where the author left some things unfinished and an open ending with Pontos.

Well, the first disappointment is this, it is not the continuation of EG, Assassin lends itself as a totally disconnected story. The setting is in modern times, about twenty years after the classic facts, we find Capricorn Shura and Leo Aiolia, who have traveled through time with a mission. History appears to be very chaotic, and evolves continuously, often changing intentions.

The other ...
May 3, 2019
Mixed Feelings
From the trailer, the expectations towards this film were very high. A reboot of the 12 houses (one of the most popular sagas), with a crazy CG graphic. Potentially, it could have been a masterpiece. In practice, it was a failure.

The main problem was the development of the stories, in tight and badly managed times, as well as to some "narrative choices" for certain characters, which ruined them.


With some differences, and a totally new and modern style, the story was already famous. Saori Kido, reincarnation of Athena, the 5 classic bronzes, and the saga of 12 houses, against the impostor pope, Gemini Saga.

The problem: ...
May 3, 2019
Preliminary (66/88 chp)
The first review of this manga, let's get it right.

Although it is a manga with protagonist girls, it is a work I particularly recommend to all Saint Seiya fans. This manga is a midquel, that is, the story fits together with the facts of the original manga, and sees a war against the goddess Eris.

The merit of this manga, in addition to excellent drawings, is the care with which it is made. The authoress has a phenomenal coherence, a profound respect for the original work, even greater than the creator himself, Masami Kurumada (who has little in the way of consistency). Kuori tries to make ...
May 2, 2019
The Lost Canvas Gaiden, are 16 volumes, which tell 14 stories, dedicated to each of the principal Gold Saints (Gemini and Aries have 2 volumes, as well as the Old Twins, Sage and Hakurei).

The merit of these 16 volumes is therefore to further enrich its main characters, with various missions in the past (or some, in the future) and new backgrounds, perhaps even on a level of powers and space (think for example of Virgo Asmita, who in the main story has not had the chance to face great enemies). All this obviously expands the universe of the Lost Canvas in general, ranging with other ...
Apr 30, 2019
Omega, how much worse could happen in Saint Seiya. Even if yes, in fact (as a quality) it is not the only one.

Started during a general recovery of the spin-offs, mainly because there were the classic protagonists (now adults, being 25 years in the future) and, as always, some gold saints. It was better I hadn't done it, and trust me, if you're a fan of SS, it's a series you can very well avoid. And when even the Gold Saints suck (not all, but more than half yes), it's already a signal.

If the original series had crude and violent, sometimes tragic aspects, Omega can ...
Apr 30, 2019
Continuation of the first season, unfortunately without a third, so far.

As for the first 13 episodes, even in these there will be a high graphic quality, great characters and clashes (perhaps even better than the first part), between epic and dramatic drama of the Holy War of Lost Canvas, against the king of the underworld.


As mentioned before, there is the continuation of the war, which will see some very important clashes, namely those against the twin gods, Hypnos and Thanathos, two bastions of Hades' army.

I don't go into details to avoid spoilers, but the development is epic, it deserves.
Apr 30, 2019
After the classic series, the best anime of Saint Seiya, also as video quality. If you are a fan of the knights of the zodiac, definitely for you. But even if you are not.

Some of my friends started the series without having seen the historical anime (or read the original manga). Certainly, you lose some references that only a fan of SS can grasp, but the story a detached structure, with of its own story and his own characters, and in the early stages explains the basics, so it is not strictly necessary to have seen the old series to start it.


The story tells ...
Apr 30, 2019
Manga written by Shiori Teshirogi, tells of the previous holy war against Hades, 243 years before the classical events. It's an excellent manga, perhaps the best of the spin-offs (although Okada is also skilled), if you loved the classic series, you'll enjoy it.

However, due to Next Dimension, written by the original author Masami Kurumada, which tells of the holy war in the same period, the series is considered an alternative universe. This thing obviously does not affect its quality, also because in the saintseiyauniverse, of "canon" with the original manga perhaps there is practically nothing, apart from ND (although Kurumada is not a master ...

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