May 2, 2019
SieghartTheMage (All reviews)
The Lost Canvas Gaiden, are 16 volumes, which tell 14 stories, dedicated to each of the principal Gold Saints (Gemini and Aries have 2 volumes, as well as the Old Twins, Sage and Hakurei).

The merit of these 16 volumes is therefore to further enrich its main characters, with various missions in the past (or some, in the future) and new backgrounds, perhaps even on a level of powers and space (think for example of Virgo Asmita, who in the main story has not had the chance to face great enemies). All this obviously expands the universe of the Lost Canvas in general, ranging with other enemies and mythologies, showing new details about life and the training at the Sanctuary, we know more of the past centuries, presenting new characters, gold saint, masters, and others, also taking up already known ones, etc...

So, if you liked the main story of the Lost Canvas and its characters, these volumes are NOT TO BE MISSED.

I don't go into the details of the individual stories, some are simple, others are structured with well-developed narrative expedients, and are more directly linked to the main events (in general, volumes from 8 onwards are more elaborate, IMHO). All the main characters come out incredibly enriched.

The art of Teshirogi, already greatly improved during the writing of the Lost Canvas itself (just look at the initial drawings, those at 1/4, half, and at the end, to understand the maturation), here it still reaches new levels, better for the better. it is EXCELLENT, the TOP!

Like I said, if you liked the main story, the enjoyment will be great. Maybe not for all the stories, but for many yes.

For me, it would be hard even try to say which of the Gaiden is my favorite. Perhaps that of Shion, with Hasgard, Sysiphus, Asmita, El Cid and Manigoldo... but also the other ones xD