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Jan 19, 2018
(This review will be for the Japanese version, "Micron Densetsu." There are some dialogue, story, name, and even animation differences between the English and Japanese versions.)

I don't write reviews on here often, but seeing as how there are only two reviews for "Transformers Micron Densetsu" on this site, I decided to go ahead and give my thoughts on it.

Story: 8/10

The story and dialogue can be cheesy and corny at times, of course. But, let's be honest, there are some versions of "Transformers" that are cornier than this one.

The story starts out innocent, but as the show goes on, it gets better. For a kid's show, read more
May 5, 2017
I just wanna say that The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie growing up. But that does not at all effect how I view Ningyohime, and I will not be comparing the two, because I no longer watch American TV.

Story: 7/10

The overall idea is very sweet and romantic. I thought everything was paced well, and while I haven't read it, I've heard that it's true to the original source material.

Art: 5/10

It's... okay. The animation, while it's not the best, is just all right. Nothing special. I mean, it's no Kimi no Na Wa, but it's certainly no School Days. I think it's especially good read more
Mar 5, 2017
Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, a twelve year old girl (me) was new to Anime, and wanted to get into it. She stumbled across One Piece, and since she had nothing better to do, she binged watched it and absolutely adored it.

But, then the fanbase started to get pretty violent, and the episodes airing at the time were dragging out a bit too long, so she decided to drop it for a while.

During the year while she was gone, she discovered different Anime. Shows she actually enjoyed more than One Piece. And thus, returning to One Piece after the read more