Jan 19, 2018
Shiny_Piece (All reviews)
(This review will be for the Japanese version, "Micron Densetsu." There are some dialogue, story, name, and even animation differences between the English and Japanese versions.)

I don't write reviews on here often, but seeing as how there are only two reviews for "Transformers Micron Densetsu" on this site, I decided to go ahead and give my thoughts on it.

Story: 8/10

The story and dialogue can be cheesy and corny at times, of course. But, let's be honest, there are some versions of "Transformers" that are cornier than this one.

The story starts out innocent, but as the show goes on, it gets better. For a kid's show, it's pretty good. I actually got invested in what was going on, I didn't know where it was heading, and I legit wanted to see how it would unfold.

Art: 6/10

The animation can be lazy and stiff at times. You can tell that they were rushing to get each episode out. Although, to be fair, since they were rushing trying to animate two-story tall robots with complex designs, the animation should look much worse than it does.

The best scenes that are animated the best are the openings and the transformations, obviously because they were stock footage.

The artwork itself is very colorful and pleasant to look at, and the Transformers are well drawn.

Sound: 10/10

The openings 'Dream Again' and 'Koutetsu no Yuuki' are great. 'Koutetsu no Yuuki' is the whole reason I saw this Anime. Before I heard it and saw the show, I knew barely anything about "Transformers."

The endings "Never Ending Road" and "Never Give Up" are also insanely catchy. If you're not interested in the show, at least find these songs.

Character: 7/10

It was hard to give a rating for this category, because while I think most of the characters are great, some of them are pretty poor.

Everyone will tell you Starscream is the best character, and, well, he is. His story arc and personality are very well written, making him entertaining to watch. It was so interesting watching him go through his arc, and I found his personality to be cute. If you're going to watch this Anime, watch it for him. Please.

The main problem with this Anime falls into this category: The kid characters. I could tolerate them for the first few episodes, but after awhile, I began to get sick of them, and I grew to hate them. They really don't have a purpose that other characters couldn't fill.

And then we have the main character, Convoy. Or, Optimus Prime as he's known in English. They didn't give him stand-out character traits like the other Transformers. In fact, they didn't give him a personality at all. They did give him a bit of a story arc towards the end, but I think it was a bit late in the game for it.

Enjoyment: 8/10

While it wasn't anything extraordinary, I did find myself intrigued by the characters (most of them) and the story. The only scenes I really didn't like were the scenes focused on the kid characters, but thankfully, they're not too long.

Overall: 8/10

For an Anime that was made for the sole purpose of selling toys, it tried way harder than it had to. So, if you're at all interested in "Transformers," this is a good show to start with.