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May 2, 2018
Bastard (Manga) add (All reviews)
Let me start this review by saying that I was just on the the final chapter of Bastard literally one minute ago and closed the MangaBlaze app only a few seconds ago. And now I'm here writing a review about it. So here goes.

Overall the story was Fantastic. If you used MangaBlaze to read this then you will have already read the word 'Horror' in the description. However there is much more to Bastard than the single word horror. Even if it was purely a horror it wasn't scary or freaky and the gore was quite mild (in my opinion). So don't go saying when read more
Apr 25, 2018
This Film is simply a masterpiece.
The manga was the perfect story that really makes you think, and the anime adaption was pulled off superbly. I probably would have preferred if they fleshed out the characters and story a bit more by making it a series. This would make me enjoy the experience a bit more because there were some missing things in the film that were in the manga that would have made the story better.

There are some things in the film that some people may think are plot holes. However, I thought the movie adaption of the manga was fantastic and definitely worth read more