May 2, 2018
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SeasonalMoth (All reviews)
Let me start this review by saying that I was just on the the final chapter of Bastard literally one minute ago and closed the MangaBlaze app only a few seconds ago. And now I'm here writing a review about it. So here goes.

Overall the story was Fantastic. If you used MangaBlaze to read this then you will have already read the word 'Horror' in the description. However there is much more to Bastard than the single word horror. Even if it was purely a horror it wasn't scary or freaky and the gore was quite mild (in my opinion). So don't go saying when you read the description "Awww it's a horror story, looks like i'm not gonna read it" etc, because it is not only a horror genre. The story is quite gripping and as each chapter goes by you want to read more and more of it until you become obsessed and don't want it to end. Well this is how I felt about it anyway. The plot takes place in Korea were a teenager is forced, by his dad, to commit murder. Well in fact his dad does the killing, he just lures in women and knocks out the victims with a hammer. The boy (Jin) has been doing this since he can remember so he just thinks it's natural. That is until he meets a girl in his class named Kyun. His dad starts targeting her, and as you probably suspect, he starts wanting to protect her. There is a lot more to the story however out of fear of spoilers I won't continue any further.

Now here's the interesting part. The art is very strange and unique and i've never seen it in any manga before. Nowadays manga is done on computers more often than by paper, so the pages have full colour. But the weird thing is the fact that the layout of the page is around two panels a page! This is definitely done for affect because of the dark themes that this series contains. However I can't help but think that this may also have been done to take up space for the lack of content. Probably not, and I hope not, but still i'm just putting it out there. The art is solid and at times may seem a little simplistic but that doesn't really matter due to the fact of it's outstanding story.

Well the characters in this series were great. They showed stunning emotion and were really unique. Sure Jin is the shy quite kid that we've seen countless anime/manga but he had his own personality and lack of common sense and knowledge which wade this series humorous at times. Jin really was an amazing character and I was rooting for him throughout his whole journey (except for the first few chapters when I thought he was a psychopathic mass murderer). Jin's dad was also an outstanding character. His two sided personality of crazy psycho killer and nice kind man were really strange though started to make more sense as the story goes on. Theres not much to talk about Kyun Yoon considering she's kind of the cliched anime girl, except she has a bit more personality.

Welp, from reading this review you probably get the picture.

If you haven't read Bastard then go do it now, you won't regret anything.