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Aug 10, 2014
I came into this after reading all the good reviews and high MAL score so i thought this would be a good anime to watch with my friends.
I was right but so wrong and we had some of the best laughs yet.

Character motivations are ambiguous at best with our two protagonists putting themselves on the line in unrealistic and unreasonable circumstances. We get to know next to nothing about out generic yandere clingy female and ambitiousless male lead. We get to feel nothing for the charecters who are lost in the hopless edgyness of this anime.

Now, there is no problem with edginess. Elfen Lied, ...
Mar 13, 2013
Ai (Anime) add
Many people who go to watch this experimental film are probably expecting an anime. However... This is not an anime... It's a work of abstract art and is in of itself something that you can not get if you don't study art or do not have an avant-garde artistic sense. If you don't understand either of them, don't rate it. It's like trying to get a pop lover to rate the works of Stockhausen. They are two completely different things.

Story: 8
It's obvious that this is very well crafted. People confuse abstract with complicated ideas, but this is a very straight forward portrayal of love ...

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