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Aug 26, 2018
TL;DR: If you are a Non Non Biyori fan, you have to watch this. If you hate slice of life anime, I don't recommend you to watch this.

I own and have read all the mangas up until volume 12 (which is the most recently released one) at the time of writing this review.

The manga itself is super good, but this movie made the contents even better than the manga. This is not saying the manga is terrible or anything, in fact it's one of my favorites, but the movie went in to much more depth for the vacation chapters.

It's been probably a year and read more
Oct 29, 2017
I figure I should write a short review about this show since I got to watch it at the Kyoani Event today. I am by no means good at reviewing, I mostly just take my reviews as more of a personal enjoyment rather than judging how well they did with their characters development, music selection, story, etc...

First of all, the story seems to targeted at children. I personally didn't find it interesting but I could see children liking this show. It's one of those shows that is not very memorable. You will probably forget about after a week. (I'm already forgetting things like 12 hours read more