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Aug 30, 2018
*Warning: spoilers for Taishou Otome Otogibanashi in story, plot and character arcs*

Taishou Otome Otogibanashi is one of the sweetest manga I’ve read. The story, while dealing with darker than expected tones about pre-war Japanese society and living with disability just ends up being so cute and sweet that I couldn’t help but have a big dumb grin on my face. The story itself is very engaging, and the plot progression makes it a very easy manga to read through in one day. The resolution of the problem our main characters face in the manga is very satisfying, and the ending just gives you diabetes.

Our main read more
Aug 29, 2018
The plot of Mousou Telepathy follows a whole bunch of clichés and tropes, yet it manages to use this setting to its advantage to setup the main plot point that drives the story. Ayako Nakano can’t read minds, as the synopsis would have you believe: she hears what people think. It’s this fundamental difference that establishes everything in Mousou Telepathy, and the concept is used very well. It’s not overused, and it follows a very specific set of rules that breathes originality into the ‘mind reading ability’. Furthermore, it’s a 4-koma style manga and its really easy to read in heaps, or to pick it read more
Aug 29, 2018
*Warning: spoilers for Annarasumanara, they was necessary to gush about it*

Annarasumanara isn’t like any manga I’ve read, and it probably will be the same for you too. I don’t mean that in the sense that it is a Manhwa, it does far more than just ‘being a manhwa’. Despite this claim, the story, or at least the setup for Annarasumanara isn’t anything particularly special, a girl living in poverty, tragedy and harsh reality. It’s a great way to make people empathize and root for a character, when it’s done well; and in this case, it is! Annarasumanara stands out not in its story and plot. read more
Aug 29, 2018
*Warning: spoilers for Koe no Katachi (Manga) ahead*

Koe no Katachi is a story about bulling and heavy themes likes being ostracized, so you already know it’s going to make you cry.

It’s a really good story with a very gripping plot, but it’s not for the faint of heart. It explores the discrimination and ostracizing/bullying that takes place in school, and it’s not done with finesse and subtlety. It’s really open about this, and I find this to be an admirable quality of the story. It also isn’t drama and tragedy just for the sake of having it or to make you cry, it carries read more
Aug 28, 2018
*Warning: The reviews has spoilers for Kakukaku Shikajika*

Kakukaku Shikajika is a manga with a genre so rare in this media that the MAL synopsis and genre tags fails to mention it: it’s an autobiography. And a damn good one at that.

In being an autobiography, at least personally, the story gains far more emotional weight than one that would be fictional. I don’t know for sure why that is, but it probably has to do with the empathetic responses that occur when knowing a story is real. This particularity of the story helps it resonate with readers, or at least it resonated with me. That read more
Aug 7, 2018
*This review contains spoilers*

The thing about Steins;Gate Onshuu no Braunian Motion is that, as a standalone manga, it's really mediocre. It only has genuine value, and what it brings to the reader can only be brought forth if that reader has at least watched the S;G anime. Tbh I'd go as far as saying that the minimum is playing the VN and completing all the routes (Essentially 100% completion); that's how contextually dependent this manga is.

Still, inspite of this glaring limitation, Steins;Gate: Onshuu no Braunian Motion is able to tell an engaging story that gives much needed depth and characterization to the most criminally underused read more
Aug 6, 2018
One Punch Man is a really fun manga to read. Like it's so fun to read that the filler is fun to read. And what's interesting about this manga is how it achieves this quality, in that the story isn't anything special. It's a shounen through and through, an action fighting manga. It encompasses an endless amount of tropes, and OPM would only be an average shounen if it wasn't for its characters.

The star studded cast of OPM just elevates the manga into something more than just another shounen, it feels special and different. That stems from our main character, Saitama. He is outstandingly written, read more
Jul 30, 2018
*This review is spoiler free*

Taiyou no Ie is a really sweet romance manga, and its my favourite strictly romance/shoujo manga. I think a lot of this comes down to the characters and the story, while the art is just consistent throughout.

That isn't to say the art is bad. Taiyou no Ie has very clean art with very fine lines; nothing is bold or powerful and this consistent fluffiness is very fitting with the overall theme of the manga. This particularity of the art is also used to great effect to emphasize moments of sadness and give them far greater weight. Theses moments simply don't fit read more
Jul 29, 2018
*Some minor spoilers in the review for the overall story of 5 Centimeters per Second and its nature*

The manga adaptation of Makoto Shinkai's 5 Centimeters per Second is a very peculiar piece of literature in that, without first having seen the movie it cannot fulfill its sole purpose for existing: to expand on the ending of the film. Some people misinterpret this in saying that this manga has an 'alternate ending', when it really is just the 'full ending'.

If we go further and start comparing the manga to the film, objectively it would stand no chance. It has none of the music, colours, and photographic read more
Jul 29, 2018
*This review is spoiler free*

This manga is something that doesn't come along very often and I recommend to be careful when picking when you start reading it; once you start, you can't really stop. That is because Made in Abyss starts off as a subversion of its presentation, the art and the character designs doesn't reflect the themes the story explores.

Akihito Tsukushi's art is what hooked me in, for without his unique art style, Made in Abyss couldn't begin with this subversion. The art is a very well made blend that serves as a well fitting medium through which the story is told. The read more